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The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice

Date Originally Aired: Oct 15, 1985
Written By: Debra Frank & Carl Sautter
Directed By: Peter Werner
Title Reference: From the book and the movie The Postman Always Rings Twice
Alternate Title:

Our Rating: (1-10 with 10 being the highest) 10

Cast Members:

    Cybill Shepherd
    Bruce Willis
    Allyce Beasley

Recurring Guest Stars:

Guest Stars:

    Orson Welles as himself
    Jack Bannon as Club Owner/Jerry Adams
    Phil Rubenstein as Mr. Bigelow/Sloane
    Frank McCarthy as Lt. Matthews
    Nick DeMauro as Priest
    Bill Handy
    Raleigh Bond
    Freeman King as The Bartender


    Blue Moon performed by Cybill Shepherd
    I Told Ya, I Loved Ya, Now Get Out performed by Cybill Shepherd

Plot Summary:

    After hearing the facts in an unsolved murder case from 1946, Maddie and David dream their own versions of what happened.

Naughty Lines:


    Nearly 2/3rd's of this episode is a dream. First Maddie's dream of the events and then David's dream of the events.


    Orson Welles delivers the prologue intro to this episode explaining that it is experimental and that during the episode it will switch from color to black and white.

    The epilogue consists of Maddie and David in the office the next morning as each tries to tell the other they didn't give the Flamingo Cove murder discussion another thought.

Fourth Wall:

    David's narrative is told first person to the audience.

The Case:

    Maddie and David have been gathering photo evidence for a client, Mr. Bigelow, to prove whether his wife has been faithful or not. They report to Mr. Bigelow at the scene of a piece of property he is considering purchasing, which is where they hear about the Flamingo Cove Murder and which becomes the dream sequences in this episode.

Chase Scene:


Fights Between Maddie & David:

    Early on the fight about taking cases involving spying on cheating spouses.

    Then the disagree about the Flamingo cover murder and who might be guilty and why.

    This leads to an argument about men, women and sexism.

Where the relationship is going:

    Maddie and David's relationship turns into a full blown battle of the sexes here. We see how each feels about the other and how each is afraid of being hurt by the other through each one's dream. Each has intense feelings for the other, but is afraid the other has ulterior motives that will cause pain. Their inner thoughts and desires and fears are shown through these dreams. We also see how sexual their attraction is, and we get to see the two in a serious affair even if it is only imagined.

Special Features:

    The dream sequences in this episode are done in black and white and were actually filmed that way, not later converted to black and white from color. Maddie's dream was filmed to have the look of a MGM film of the 1940's like Streetcar Named Desire and David's dream to be like a down and dirty Warner Brothers film like Casablanca. You can see plenty of other 1940's classic film noir elements throughtout both dream sequences....the song Maddie as Rita does in David's dream pays homage to Rita Hayworth in Gilda.

Other Memorable Lines:

Funniest Part:

    The battle of the sexes argument they have as each accuses the other of being sexist and acting badly, especially when Maddie buzzes David on the office intercom and he responds playfully egging her on.

    Also hilarious is David's narration throughout his dream.

Most Romantic:

    Maddie's dream when Zack corners Rita and kisses her.

    David's dream showing Rita & Zack's hot affair.

Most Dramatic:

    The murders in each dream and the aftermath leading up to an arrest.



Photo Gallery:

"Satirize, scrutinize, fantasize, etc., etc., etc."

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