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Portrait of Maddie

Date Originally Aired: Nov. 26, 1985
Written By: Kerry Ehrin & Ali Marie Matheson
Directed By: Peter Werner
Title Reference: From Henry James' novel "Portrait of a Lady."
Alternate Title:

Our Rating: (1-10 with 10 being the highest) 9

Cast Members:

    Cybill Shepherd
    Bruce Willis
    Allyce Beasley

Recurring Guest Stars:

Guest Stars:

    John Calvin as Charles Wright
    Dan Lauria as Detective Daroca
    Paul Rudd as Harry
    Gary Cervantes as Mechanic


Plot Summary:

    Maddie uses the agency's first profits to purchase a portrait of herself, painted by an artist she never met and never will because he killed himself after completing the painting.

Naughty Lines:





Fourth Wall:

    When David bursts into the precinct to assist Maddie, the cop says to him, "You can't just burst in here." David replies, "Oh no? Tell that to the writers."

The Case:

    This is a bit more complicated to explain, but they aren't hired by anyone for a case. Instead Maddie becomes involved in a suicide and art theft investigation because the dead man had painted a portrait of her and appears to have an unrequited crush on her.

Chase Scene:

    The murderer corners Maddie and David in an auto body shop after they have recovered the stolen art. A chase scene ensues that involves paint spray guns, bullets, and oodles of paint pouring out of cans.

Fights Between Maddie & David:

Where the relationship is going:

Special Features:

Other Memorable Lines:

Funniest Part:

    David and the office staff trying to brainstorm what to do with the company profits.

    Maddie and David tied up in the attic.

Most Romantic:

    The opening scene as David flirts openly with Maddie as she balances the books...and the celebration over the company's first profits.

Most Dramatic:

    When Maddie and David return to her house to find it has been ransacked and then they are taken hostage at gunpoint.



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