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Big Man on Mulberry Street

Date Originally Aired: Nov. 18, 1986
Written By: Karen Hall
Directed By: Christian Nyby
Title Reference: Based on Billy Joel's song of the same name which becomes the centerpiece dance scene of this episode.
Alternate Title:

Our Rating: (1-10 with 10 being the highest) 10

Cast Members:

    Cybill Shepherd
    Bruce Willis
    Allyce Beasley

Recurring Guest Stars:

Guest Stars:

    Andra Akens as Mrs Kendricks
    Sandahl Bergman as David's ex-wife in the dream dance sequence
    Marilyn Jones as Tess
    Rick Ducommun as Rick
    Betty McGuire as Rosemary
    Radu Gavor as Cab Driver
    Michael Laskin
    Allan Katz (II)
    Bill Applegate


Plot Summary:

    When David admits that he was once married, Maddie stops at nothing to find out about the ex-Mrs. Addison, including following David to his former brother-in-law's funeral.

Naughty Lines:


    A Stanley Donen choreographed and directed dance sequence which is Maddie's dream about the particulars of David's short marriage and divorce.


Fourth Wall:

The Case:

Chase Scene:

Fights Between Maddie & David:

Where the relationship is going:

Special Features:

Other Memorable Lines:

Funniest Part:

Most Romantic:

Most Dramatic:



    A fan emailed us with this info from this episode:

    After watching "Big Man on Mulberry Street" again tonight, I was intrigued... what exactly is a "Vicious Virgin"? So I combed the Internet and found this recipe. I imagine that five of these in a row might require a police officer to check one's pulse:

    Vicious Virgin

    1 oz Dark Rum
    1 oz Light Rum
    oz Cointreau
    oz Lime Juice
    1 tsp sugar

    Blend all ingredients with a 1/2 glass of ice until smooth; pour into a cocktail glass. The Vicious Virgin is her own kind of dangerous - she's not to be confused with her second cousin, The Redheaded Slut (which has different ingredients altogether...).
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