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Chemistry Studies: Video Selections from Moonlighting

Screen Chemistry is primarily enigmatic and therefore very hard to explain. However, it is easily understood by watching a couple who has it. When you watch a screen couple with chemistry, what you see and hear makes you believe that their attraction for the other person is undeniable and that there is a special energy that runs between the two. Along with that attraction, there is usually also a clash of wills as they each assert their wit while subverting their romantic intention. There is plenty of flirting, sometimes more openly--other times more subtly. And there is plenty of sexual innuendo, double entendres, and back and forth banter. It is a battle of the sexes played out in words and in actions. But for all the passion and tension, there also is insecurity about the other person's feelings leaving the characters vulnerable and tender. Whether they are flirting, fighting, avoiding, or passionately making love, the chemisty is what carries us from scene to scene, and we find ourselves emotionally invested in their relationship.

I have selected a few scenes to demonstrate this behavior where you can see nice examples of couple chemistry attributes such as: playful flirtiness, suggestive dialogue, sublimated desire, passionate arguing, smoldering sexuality, and supportive concern & tenderness.

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Unspoken thoughts in The Dream Sequence Always Rings TwiceFlirting and suggestive dialogue in A Portrait of Maddie The kiss in the parking garage in Witness for the Execution.

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About the garage...from Witness for the ExecutionA heated disagreement from The Man Who Cried WifeSpontaneous thoughts in The Man Who Cried Wife

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The dance scene from Big Man on Mulberry StreetFrom I am Curious...Maddie the fight that ends in the bedroom.Scheduling Lamaze classes in And the Flesh Was Made Word

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