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Couple Chemistry:
"...looking at someone and seeing your destiny but being afraid that they could be your doom..."

For me chemistry is like fireworks going off. Or lightning bolts. Especially the kind that just comes out of the blue and blows the whole sky open. It is an urgency, a feeling that overwhelms your soul. It is looking at someone and seeing your destiny but being afraid that they could be your doom. This was the way it was on Moonlighting with Maddie and David. When I see a couple on TV that has this passion, I feel how they are feeling. I know that hearts are racing and hormones are raging. But it is not an easy place to be. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. A battle is going on between two very willful people and that is what causes all the heat. Seeing it on the screen is exciting and makes me anticipate the passion. Passion to me (the destiny or doom) is what Maddie and David's chemistry was all about.

The intense chemistry of David & Maddie in Tracks of my TearsYou asked me to pick a scene that I thought showed great chemistry between them. I think that the dream that Maddie had in Tracks of My Tears like that scene between William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in Body Heat is a great example. Maddie dreams this very sexy scene where she first turns David away but then stands there willing him to come get her. It is one time that we get to see how passionately Maddie really feels about David and that she wants him to come and get her. In the dream they know how each other feels and they each act how they should, even though in real life they seldom seem to be able to do this. Maddie is on fire for David, but she tells him he had better leave. Then this burning look passes between them. It is a look of heart-pounding urgency where we know and feel something big is about to happen. You can see this intensity of looks between them and without a word said, David breaks through the door to get to Maddie. At that moment, nothing will keep him from her. Not the glass door between them and not her husband sleeping upstairs.The way the audience feels this urgency as much as the characters is what chemistry is about.

Connie J. Biloxi, MS

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