Moonlighting With Contest for THE WHOLE TEN YARDS

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The Contest ended April 11, 2004 at midnight. The winner had to have all quiz answers correct to be entered in the drawing, and only persons with a mailing address in the US or Canada were eligible to win. The Drawing from the winning entries took place at 9 AM April 12th and the winner is Ms. Gena Hymowech from Brooklyn, NY. Gena will receive the OFFICIAL Whole Ten Yards movie poster. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The Correct Answers to the Moonlighting Quiz

What was the name (First and Last) of the lead character in "Moonlighting" played by Bruce Willis ?

David Addison (also acceptable David Addison, Jr.)

What was the name of the agency that the characters played by Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd ran?

Blue Moon Investigations (also acceptable Blue Moon Detective Agency or just Blue Moon)

In the pilot episode of "Moonlighting," we learn that Cybill Shepherd's character was formerly employed as what?

A model

In the second season opener, whose brother shows up in Los Angeles with a bunch of money?

David's or David Addison's

In the third season opener, whose father shows up in Los Angeles engaged and about to be married?

David's or David Addison's

What "big" event happened on "Moonlighting" in 1987 that nearly 60 million viewers watched, giving the show 44% share of the audience, and achieving the show's highest ratings ever?

The Big Bang or Maddie & David "get horizontal," "boink," make love, become lovers, or have sex. (also acceptable just about any term that expresses a similar idea)

In the fourth season opener, what classic TV characters do Cybill and Bruce portray in a dream parody?

Ralph and Alice Kramden (also acceptable The Honeymooners or The Kramdens)

In the fifth season opener, who do we discover is really the father of Maddie's baby?

David or David Addison. (I was totally stunned by the number of wrong answers here. Many people think Sam was the father. However, there is no debate here, in "A Womb with a View" Emissary Jerome tells Baby Hayes outright that his father is David Addison.)

What was the very clever name of the series finale episode of "Moonlighting?"

Lunar Eclipse

Which season (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) did Bruce Willis win an Emmy for Moonlighting?

Season 3 (FYI "Sam & Dave" was the episode submitted for consideration for Mr. Willis's performance.)

(Bonus question...the only wrong answer is a blank) What is your favorite episode of Moonlighting. If you need help remembering episode names, go visit the episode database.

Of course, any episode listed is acceptable, even a description of an episode without knowing the title was ok too. No big surprise here, of all entries the episodes most frequently cited as a favorite: "Atomic Shakespeare," "Big Man on Mulberry Street,' "I Am Curious....Maddie," and "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice."
If by now you haven't visited the Moonlighting DVD Campaign web site, you need to.

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