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Two big reasons why this show remains in our hearts and minds...

A couple of very nice shots of Cybill and Bruce...hers from US magazine is so elegant and sweet; his from Rolling Stone is playful, quirky and mischievous...
Cybill Shepherd
Bruce Willis
Now for even more gratuitous, sexy, adorable stuff from our favorite two-some. Indulge me, will ya?
This sexy, sweet photo is probably my favorite two-shot of them.
Maddie and David--quick run go get your camera, a rare moment of quiet affection between the two
Another favorite -- playful, interesting, & rather sexy.
Maddie and David in a cuddly moment
Cute, cute, cute. Is this our normally battling twosome?
Maddieand David -- happiness is a sexy partner!
Kinda cute too, agree?
David and Maddie--What a cute pout!
The way he is smiling, you gotta wonder just where her hand is.
Comfortable being partners.
Too sweet for words
Partners, take two.
Maddie and David--silent, sweet and gentle. What do you suppose is wrong with them?
Partners partnering.
Sharing a lap
Partners more than partnering.
At last, no words need to be exchanged between the two.
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Dedication & Site Credits

By Webmaster, Cindy K. of CYber SYtes, Inc.
Site Dedication

This site is dedicated to three Very Important People (without whom there never, ever would have been a Maddie Hayes or a David Addison or a Blue Moon Detective Agency for that matter): First, Glenn Gordon Caron (the man with the vision) and of course, Cybill Shepherd & Bruce Willis. (Can you say talented? Can you say sublime sexual chemistry? When they were good, they were very, very hot. And when they were bad, even hotter!)

A very special thank you to the entire cast and crew of ABC television's "Moonlighting," especially the writing staff, who kept us tuning in week after week, rerun or not. Quality television is a precious gift. It is a very important aspect of our everyday lives, a great contributor to social inculcation--and for my money, probably more influential than block-buster movies. Just know that you were all appreciated and still are every time we watch from our taped episodes.

Photo on left: The Best of Times--Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd and Glenn Gordon Caron.
Bruce, Cybill, Glenn--the VIP's
Bruce Willis wins an Emmy
Photo on right: My all-time favorite moment from Bruce Willis (outside of "Moonlighting"): this priceless in-your-face reaction when his name was read as the 1987 Emmy Winner as Lead Actor in A Drama Series. Loved his playful irreverence and his "f. you" attitude!! Following the beating he & Cybill had endured from the press that year, it was wonderful to see he was taking none of this too seriously.

Site Credits
There have been so many fans to write in offering encouragement and praise that I wish I had the time and space to thank them all. Many have also sent photos, links, articles, info and even gifts! So to all the Moonlighting fans throughout the world who have visited this site, thank you. I love hearing from every wild and whacky, outrageously obsessed one of you. (Oh, and if you are one of the more sane and sensible ones who write in, I enjoy your comments too!) Your interest and devotion spur me on. Yes, I should mention, if you are reading this, this site's for you.

Something the size and scope of this site requires more than any one person can do. Here is a look at some who have made major contributions.

A load of appreciation to my site co-editor, talented Virtual Moonlighting Writer, and Moonlighting expert-at-large Diane Hopkins, a kindred spirit, whose late night emails keep me motivated, informed and make me feel like what I am doing here is worthwhile. Her support went a long way toward keeping me on track during the late, late night sessions in the audio/video room of the web studio doing 60+ hours of video captures. Diane is also helping with content development and information gathering for this site. Creating content for this site is an ardous task and requires lots of writing and critical thinking and then proofing and finally turning it into web pages. There is no way this site would be as extensive as it is without Diane's help. FYI, Di's top 5 favorite episodes in order are "It's A Wonderful Job," "Father Knows Last," "Atomic Shakespeare," "I am Curious...Maddie," and "Money Talks, Maddie Walks."
Diane with Hugh Jackman

A recent welcome addition to the site staff is Junior Editor, Steph Manfredi. Steph has been very supportive of this site since day one and has consistently provided worthwhile feedback. Even though she only became a recent Moonlighting fan through the Bravo airings, Steph can put most longtime fans to shame with her knowledge of episodes, characters, and trivia about the series. You can learn all about Steph on the featured fan page.

Thank you Natalie Jackman, the lead designer of She is who made sure the links to the DVD campaign and were at the top of the featured fansites at Bruce's site, and it is most appreciated. And in conjunction with, kudos to Michelle McElroy for doing such a nice job overseeing it all.

And we can certainly not leave out Mr. Bruce Willis who was so wonderful to us when we (as part of the Spongebob 8) met him at the Borgata fund raiser concert in Atlantic City on August 9th. You can read all about that night here. He is such a warm, friendly and down to earth person. Thank you so much Bruce for being so accessible not only on your official site, but also in person.
Bruce at the Borgata

Thanks also to Laura, the webmaster of She has been a big help with generously trading photos, magazine covers and info, promotions, advice, etc. And I now consider her one of my good cyber-friends.

Along the same line, my appreciation to Jason Martin, Cybill Shepherd's assistant. He is very professional, timely and has been a very big help in contacting and interviewing Ms. Shepherd. Thank you, Jason.

For the personal interview with Mr. Glenn Caron, I must thank Picturemaker Productions, not only Mr. Caron but also his assistant Diane S. They were pleasant and professional throughout and gave up the good part of one afternoon to deal with us. Class acts all the way. Thanks so much to both of them.
Picturemaker Productions

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Nadine Muth of Berlin, owner of the German fansite, Das Model und der Schüffler. She befriended me during one of my darkest hours and lifted me right up and back at it again. Her dedication and enthusiasm serves as a major inspiration to me.
Nadine Muth

The two music videos that were produced deserve special mention. They were a collaboration between Diane Hopkins of Virtual Moonlighting, Chad DeFranco, the CYber SYtes, Inc. Flash & Media Specialist, and myself. It was Diane's vision and Chad's skill and talent that made this thing happen. In case you can't tell, we are all three very proud of the outcome and hope the fans appreciate how much thought and effort went into these projects.
Chad DeFranco, the Audio Video Wonder

I have to recognize the efforts and incredible contributions of, Diane Bucher, a huge Bruce Willis fan who has kept monitoring and handling our partnered photo acquistions at eBay. Ebay is a huge source for much of the content on this site, and Diane constantly keeps her eye on it for goodies for this site. She has been absolutely diligent in her quest and generous in her findings. It would be impossible to keep producing new content on this site without her assistance here. Thanks so much, Diane. You contribute a great deal, and it is most appreciated.

Hazel Hart is another long time ML fan who has helped tremendously with this site, not just in donating pictures and content ideas, but also in writing content. Hazel really is a Cybill Shepherd expert, and it is great to bounce ideas off her. Both Vicki and Hazel have helped me develop the anti-Jump The Shark commentary concerning I am Curious...Maddie, and each has literate, well-written ideas of their own concerning this. Hazel is who wrote Kris's Top 10 Eavesdropping list in the Water Cooler section.
Hazel Hart

In regards to Virtual Moonlighting, kudos to the very friendly and eager Virtual Moonlighting Writers, including Sue, Lizzie, & Diane, each who contributed to this site and to Sarah who has been so kind to promote this site heavily over on Virtual Moonlighting's web site.
Virtual Moonlighting, where Maddie and David Exist in a cyber world

Thank you to Vicki Briasco who contributed the clever drink recipe for the Bar Break section. You just never know what kind of artistic things "Moonlighting" inspires and this was one of the most unique. Vicki also has spent considerable time locating specific items for use on this site and without her diligence, there would not be as much info available here as there is. She has been a great help, not to mention a fun sounding board for some of my kooky ideas.

Special thanks across the seas to Natascha from the Netherlands (aka Tazmania). She has generously sent photos, done translations and provided that cool Moonlighting Theme song music video with Al Jarreau.
Taz pictured with Bruce Willis cardboard standee

Kudos to Michelle (Mickey) Krueger, who is THE expert on all the music used in "Moonlighting" episodes. She has gone to great effort to catalog and locate all the songs from the show and so generously contributed her expertise on that aspect. I was really impressed with her thoroughness and how willing she was to have her work included on this site. Each of the song MP3's featured on this site came from her contribution. Thank you, Mickey.
Mickey, the Moonlighting Music Maven

My usual appreciation goes out to my excellent English Professors in the Masters Program at the University of West Florida where I learned everything, and I do mean everything, I know about literary interpretation, applying close reading to filmic representations and what critical thought requires. I consider it one of the most valuable skills I ever learned, and here it is being put to good use. These fine folks include: Dr. Ron Miller (retired), Dr. Philip Momberger, Dr. Carlos Dews, Dr. Mary Lowe-Evans, Dr. Greg Lanier, Mamie Hixon, and various others.
My Alma Mater--UWF

Thank you to my fellow staffers at CYber SYtes, Inc. especially the incredibly talented Lead Designer, Vicki Meacham. Vicki helped organize, design and layout this site. She is also responsible for setting up and integrating the episode database on the site and designing the main logoes and artwork.
Vicki Meachem

And then of course where would this site be without my CYber SYtes business partner, David Goldflies, with whom I banter, bitch and bemuse. I call him "My David" when talking to the other fans so as to distinguish him from the other David. My David has backstopped me all along the way while this site has been in development, and he has tolerated my all night sessions in the studio with patience, a mild case of curiosity, and a fine sense of humor. David oversees the hosting side of our operation and administers the domains, including this one. He is also who taught me everything I know about web design, video capturing, and web browsers. Incidentally, David is the former bass player for The Allman Brothers Band (known as "Rook" in the band) and the only really cool thing he could imagine coming out of any of his efforts here would be the opportunity to jam with Willis and his band. So if any of Willis's band members are out there, David would love to jam with you guys on his next trip to the west coast.
David Goldflies

My Daughter, Windy Harland, has been a huge help with this site. She types interviews and articles and also critiques page layouts for me, and even though she isn't a huge ML fan like her brother and I, she does enjoy the show and loves "Big Man on Mulberry Street," mostly because she is a dance instructor and really appreciates what was done in that episode.
My Daughter, Windy Harland

And one more special person must be recognized, my son, Bo Klauss. As a youngster, he was just as big a "Moonlighting" fan as his Mom. We spent many a late Tuesday night watching and rewatching taped episodes. We are both huge, huge fans and pass my tapes back and forth, still avid about David and Maddie to this day. We have shared Moonlighting and our love of the show for 18 years now and being able to widen that circle to include all of you is a great deal of my motivation in working so hard on this site. BTW, Bo's personal favorite episode is "It's a Wonderful Job" and probaby second favorite is "The Next Murder You Hear."
My Son, Bo

Ok, Ok, I am relenting here. I have had so many people contact me saying, "We see all these other people up here, where are you?" Or "You need to post a picture of yourself, too." Well, just recently this picture was taken of me at a fan festival and posted on the web, so--since I guess the cat is out of the bag now.... For those keeping score, my top 5 favorite episodes in order are "To Heiress Human," "Big Man on Mulberry Street," "I am Curious...Maddie," "Father Knows Last" and "Blonde on Blonde."
Webmaster, Cindy K.

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