Diane Hopkins Mohegan Sun Pictures, October 21, 2003

Staking out our place in line: Shoe, Cat, Robert, Fran, Diane B., Dee

The morning after: Cat, Shoe, diane, Dee, Diane B.

Our tribute to Krispy Kreme: diane, Cat, Shoe, Dee

The stage at the Wolf's Den: Cat, Dee, Shoe, diane

Two women sharing one brain: Dee and diane

"You're Bruce Willis!" -- Robert plays with the public.

Beedub and brown.

Watch out! This is a pretty peculiar donut launcher!

There's that smile!

Two hotties in perfect harmony!

brown plays, Beedub listens.

brown gets down.

Our favorite Spongebob.

One guy who never blends into the background.

The charming Doctor brown....avec smile!

A tip of the hat to you too, BW.