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Ad for Blonde on Blonde

This was the first ad in the ran with Blonde on Blonde

Ad for Sam & Dave

This was the second ad in the ran with Sam & Dave

Ad for Maddie's Turn to Cry

This was the third ad in the ran with Maddie's Turn to Cry

Ad which ran week before I am Curious

This was to be the fourth ad in the storyline to run with the episode I am Curious....Maddie, and it didn't give the ending away. However, a rerun aired the week this ad ran while the new episode was held back two more weeks to lead into the premier episode of Max Headroom. The week this ad ran in TV Guide, the show countered by running an amusing televised promo parodying the style of the National Enquirer ads. You can view that ad here using a RealOne player.

Ad for I am Curious...Maddie

This is the ad the network ran with I am Curious...Maddie which clearly gives away the resolution of the storyline. If you want to see what televised promo was used for the episode click here to view with a RealOne player.

Ad for To Heiress Human

After the fact, when To Heiress Human aired, this was the ad to let the fans know it was a new episode. Having reaped a ratings bonanza from the advertised sex scene in I am Curious...Maddie, the network made sure the viewers knew they were going to see more of the same in the televised promo for To Heiress Human. This promo only ran for a few days before the episode aired, and you need a fire extinguisher to view it! Click here to view this ad with a RealOne player.

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