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Comments about "The Big Bang"

Before the premiere of that episode in March 1987, TV Guide told us Maddie and David were finally getting together. So, with my two small children tucked in bed, I anxiously watched the show. As the hour ticked down I was becoming leery. When Maddie started undressing at bedside, I thought there was still a chance, but, of course, the writers couldn't let it happen conventionally, M & D had to have another fight, and hold off any intimacy until the last 2 minutes of the show. Then she slapped him… and the pull…and the music started the explosion of passion.

Since I cared about the characters, I felt cheated, manipulated. That first time I saw their first time, I didn't know David said, "I love you” in bed, as has been reported. All I could see was that they both looked happy to be together in the final shot. I was glad they finally got there, but the way they got there seemed awkward, too "streetcar named desire”- staged, and much less romantic than I had imagined.

Now, with teenagers, and watching each episode in sequence on Bravo, I see that the way the scene unfolded fit the characters, and because they had fought so much previously, they had to have another fight. But, in 1987, I didn't get David Addison. I didn't appreciate his POV. Now, I'm a less serious boomer, and I want fun as well as fine, and see that Maddie needed David more than I realized then. David is sweeter, funnier and deeper than I thought when the show first aired. I've come to appreciate his virtues. Now, I see the scene as a thrilling beginning… if only the writers had tried harder to see the POV of Moonlighting fans.

~~Jeanette R., Lincoln, NE

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