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In the June 29, 1996 issue of TV Guide, the cover story was a discussion of their "time-tested treasury of TV milestones" and was made up of an eclectic mix of about 50 percent news, sports, & musical/arts performance events and 50 percent actual dramatic/comedic scenes from TV series or specials. Maddie and David making love on Moonlighting made the cut. And we are talking about a very momentous list. Consider that what made up this list were such big events as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, Ruby shooting Oswald on live TV, the Challenger explosion, the U.S. Hockey victory over Russia in the 1980 Olympics, Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's homerun record, and the Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan among other equally compelling historical moments, you get a sense of how big a deal the scene in Moonlighting was. The scene was one of only about 25 episodic TV events on the list, and the only event on the list that involved consensual sex between two characters.

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