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Regarding Act IV, Episode #86314: Maddie & David 'Do It'
The Press After The Big Bang (April 1, 1987 - Present)

After it had occurred
Articles from April 1987-Present

After the episode aired, newspapers and entertainment critics editorialized all over the place. And most either loved it or hated it; there was very little middle ground. Later on, many squarely placed the blame for the demise of the series on the decision to have Maddie and David consummate their relationship. This site most certainly does not endorse that opinion, but rather wants to present the press presentation in its full scope following the couple sleeping together. I can think of no other single scene of passion ever afforded the scrutiny this one was, and I felt it necessary to show representative coverage to make that point.

St. Petersburg Times, April 1, 1987: David and Maddie end all the wondering

San Francisco Examiner, April 1, 1987: Ooo, What A Little Moonlight Can Do

Los Angeles Times, April 3, 1987: Moonlighting Achieves Highest Ratings Yet

Bergen Record, May 3, 1987: Moonlighting, Record Readers Predict the Future

Los Angeles Times, May 17, 1987: Moonlighting, Life After Doing It & Readers Responses

St. Petersburg Times, October 6, 1987: Moonlighting Loses Its Magical Tension

TV Guide, October 24, 1987: The Way to Turn Your Battles to Bliss

Chicago Tribune, November 4, 1987: Moonlighting, A Dim View

Entertainment Weekly, December 1987: The Year (1987) in Review

American Film, May 1989: The Final Eclipse of Moonlighting?

Entertainment Weekly, April 5, 1996: Making It On Moonlighting

TV Guide, March 6, 1999: 14 Years Ago This Week, Moon Shine

Miscellaneous mentions, Found at Various Places

TV Guide, 2002, 50th Anniversary lists

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