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My thoughts on "I Am Curious......Maddie"

One of the most outstanding memories I have is the anticipation and hype surrounding this episode. Maddie and David's obvious and palpable attraction throughout the series had been strung along for so long and every last ounce of tantalizing, titillating foreplay had been eked out of this story until the fans were nearly prostrate with exhaustion. Add to that the overabundance of reruns we had to endure and our lust to see this relationship consummated was at a fever pitch.

Glenn Caron had ingeniously structured this story to be told in 4 parts. He constructed a beautiful conflict in the form of a love triangle which forced David to confront his feelings and Maddie to choose between two men. "I Am Curious..." was the final chapter of this saga. Unfortunately, the press had leaked that this was the episode where they end up in bed, but that really didn't matter. Deep down, the true fans knew it was going to happen anyway....we just didn't realize the dramatic roller coaster ride that was required to get our two heroes there. I remember the office being abuzz about the upcoming episode, men and women alike. My husband made sure he had no appointments scheduled for that evening and we all gathered around the television for this momentous event. True to form, we were not disappointed.

Caron had a way of twisting the plot and revealing heretofore never seen emotions and reactions in his characters that just made the story so dramatic, so exciting, and so real. Several shockers were in this episode. Sam's intrusion into David's apartment, the "barrage in the garage", David trashing his office, Maddie returning home to tell Sam her answer and finding David in her bed, and of course the fight, the slaps, and the part we all had been waiting for.

I remember being overwhelmed by this episode the first time. I was ecstatic about the final result but a little taken aback by David being in Maddie's bed. I was also shocked when I first heard the "Bitch!" and "Bastard!" remarks followed by the slaps. It took me a few viewings of this episode to get it all straight in my mind because there is so much going on both on the surface and just beneath that it's almost hard to process in just one viewing....even if you are familiar with the characters because these 4 episodes showed us sides of Maddie and David that they tried very hard in the past to conceal. The genius of this storyline was that the presence of a third party, Sam, forced their hands and made them show all their cards. I loved it then and I love it even more today. I will never get tired of seeing Maddie and David finally where they should be - together.

~~Vicki B. Northridge, CA

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