Moonlighting With

The following are scans of original TV Guide Cover Portraits. Every week TV GUIDE would do a new issue with a new cover. They would prepare these covers in advance, and do a large color EASTMAN DYE TRANSFERS and ship them out to their Regional Offices to hang on the wall. They would also give the local affiliate stations a copy, if the cover promoted one of their shows. Sometimes, the execs would give out a promo copy, sometimes the star and production big wigs of the show would get a copy. Anyway, these are a limited production and limited release. NOT available to the general public and not easy to come by. Overall, matted dimensions are approximately 16" by 20". The actual picture itself is a bit bigger than the 11" by 13" that displays. In the lower left you will see printed TV GUIDE COVER PORTRAIT. This is not an add on, but is actually as issued.

I happened upon these three over on eBay within the past year (in three separate auctions) and snapped them up ASAP. Now I am sharing them with you. These babies are so large that it takes two scans on a large bed scanner which are then stitched together to make one. You can see the seams on these if you look close. Sorry about that; I did the best I could. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy having them as a part of my collection.

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