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Featured Fans

I have a very special appreciation of the talents of our first Featured Fans of 2003, as creative writing is not something I have any real talent in, and so I am in awe of what this group is doing. Thanks to these heroes, the online Moonlighting fans continue to enjoy new episodes of our beloved series. For almost three full seasons now consisting of over 48 episodes, we have been entertained by these ladies as they turn out thoughtful, well-written stories that continue the adventures of David, Maddie and the Blue Moon Detective Agency. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes quite poignant, sometimes musical, at times full of mystery and most importantly, full of intelligent character development, the episodes of Virtual Moonlighting are eagerly anticipated by the avid Moonlighting fans, myself included.

Before I introduce the three current talented writers of Virtual, I would be entirely remiss if I didn't acknowledge a fourth person, Dana Bronson, who is cited by all participants as the creator of Virtual Moonlighting. Dana's influence can be found all over the web when it comes to Moonlighting, as in addition to founding Virtual, she is credited with being the first Moonlighting fan fiction writer; she developed one of the earliest fan sites; and, as I have been told, Dana, through Unicorn Press, pioneered the first Moonlighting fanzine effort. Dana is still an active member of the Moonlighting Fan Community, as she manages Moonlighting Central, the home of the popular Moonlighting Fan Forum.

~~Cindy K., Webmaster

Diane Hopkins

Scenes from Diane's Favorite Episodes:

From It's A Wonderful Job
It's A Wonderful Job

From Father Knows Last
Father Knows Last

From Atomic Shakespeare
Atomic Shakespeare

From I am Curious...Maddie
I am Curious...Maddie

From Money Talks, Maddie Walks
Money Talks, Maddie Walks

From Atlas Belched
Atlas Belched

1) Describe Virtual Moonlighting and your role in it. Why are you personally doing this?

Virtual Moonlighting is a concept that was developed almost three years ago. The original idea and organization came from Dana, the webmistress of Moonlighting Central. She posted on her website and on the list serve, asking for interested parties to participate in writing fanfiction for a Virtual Sixth season of Moonlighting. The concept was to ignore the unpopular ending of the series and write as we conceived the new season would have gone, had the show not been cancelled.

I was intrigued by the idea, and looking for something to invest in creatively, so the proposition came along at a great time. The group started with about ten people, as I recall, and we worked together in chat meetings, setting up the concept and long-term plot plans. Various writers came and went, and it was a great experience working with all of them. I have learned much about writing and teamwork from these folks.

Currently, we are in the eighth virtual season (or the third after the original show - think 1991-1992). I am the only person still writing who was with the group at the beginning. Right now, there are three of us working on this season, all of whom have been together for the last two seasons.

I'm doing this because I love to write, and I love Moonlighting. Virtual Moonlighting lets me combine the two, and explore some of my more creative aspects that don't necessarily get good use in my daily life. I love the idea that what we are doing here is pleasing to Moonlighting fans, but I have to be honest and say that I am doing this for myself, and the two great ladies I write with. It wouldn't be the same without good and faithful readers though, and I have to admit, I love the work we have done…..throughout all three seasons. I am proud of it, and am very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through this experience.

Watch the Music VideoI do have to mention one of my pet projects from virtual season seven, which was the Moonlighting video. It was something that had been swimming around in my head forever, and with the wonderful talents of the people at CYber SYtes, it not only came together to be used in the season finale, but totally exceeded my expectations. I love it. I have to admit, I still click on and watch it at least once a week.

2) Tell me a bit about you.... where are you from? Are you employed and if so what is your career? Do you have a family/children/husband?

I am from Philadelphia, PA. I have been employed for many years as a retail executive for a national department store chain. I am currently unattached, and have a large family with a sister, brothers, nieces and nephews that all keep me hopping.

3) How long have you been a ML fan?

I guess FOREVER is not the right answer...I guess if I need to pinpoint the first moment, it would have to be back in 1985 in the pilot where David Addison picks up the harmonica and plays "Blue Moon", and we focus back in on Maddie's reaction. I knew at that moment that these two were going to be dynamite, and I wanted to be along for every moment of the explosion.

I went out that week, and bought my first VCR……….one of the smart moments of my life….. and began to record the episodes. I watched religiously until the show went off the air. I missed the Lifetime resurrection of the show. What I actually would do was, about once a year, I would take out the tapes and do my own version of a Moonlighting marathon, watching episode after episode.

I found Bravo's Moonlighting marathon on New Year's Day three years ago, and soon after discovered the ML on-line community. Who'd've thunk it...that an 80's TV show would become such a big part of my life, and would have led me to meet some absolutely terrific people, who have become friends.

4) What is/are your favorite ML episode(s) and why?

Without a doubt, my favorite episode is "It's a Wonderful Job". I think the root of my love affair with Moonlighting is that the strength of the characters, particularly that of Maddie Hayes. The portrayal of her as a strong and independent woman of the 80's really appealed to me. But in order to make her life work, Maddie had not only to grow, but to see and understand her need to grow. This to me is the heart of what goes on in "It's a Wonderful Job". There are many great insights into her character in future episodes, but this is the episode where she steps down off her pedestal for the first time, and realizes that she needs David, and the agency, and what they have brought into her life.

Other favorites are "Father Knows Last", "Atomic Shakespeare", "I Am Curious, Maddie", and "Money Talks, Maddie Walks"...with a special place in my heart also for "Atlas Belched".

5) If you could have had the final episode end any way you wanted, what would that have been?

Wow...can't say I haven't thought about this a bunch of times. My idea is this - have the episode go as it was written...the stuff and nonsense, the wedding, the fight at the wedding.

I think the perfect opportunity that they totally blew was when Jamie and Maddie were talking about the "undercover work" that Jamie had done in Mr. Addison's shower. At this point, Maddie found out what David had done to get rid of Annie, yet let her save face. David and Maddie needed to exchange a look during that scene...something to show that they had connected, and that they understood each other.

Then eliminate all the nonsense about the show being cancelled, and replace it with a scene in the office...David goes to Maddie...they dance around the "Annie" and "Sam" situations - talking about them without really talking about them... they decide the score is even...and maybe the best thing to do is try again...end it without much fanfare...maybe a kiss...but leave the fans with the real hope that they will go on together.

Maybe I'll even try to write it someday.

6) Are you actively involved in any of the other online "Moonlighting" fan activities?

Oh current passion is the Moonlighting DVD campaign, and our quest to have the series in its entirety released on DVD. We started the campaign about 3 months ago. There are some complicated issues regarding music rights, etc., and some questions about the actual ownership of all of the DVD rights to the show. We're working to have all these cleared up, and insure we are dealing with the people who can make things happen. We have a website for the campaign ( and a petition for all interested parties to sign.

I'm also a contributor to and have written some of the content, as well as contributed my ideas and opinions to many of the pages. This has also given me the opportunity to prepare for and participate in original interviews with Glenn Caron, Cybill Shepherd, Curtis Armstrong, and Jon Ames and Dan FitzPatrick - which I thoroughly enjoyed doing for the Moonlighting community.

I love the Moonlighting list serve, and am sad that it has become so quiet recently. I guess the best we can wish for is that another network picks up the series on a daily basis.

7) Why is Moonlighting and the characters so special to you?

The writing is the key for me...the show was beautifully written, innovative and clever. I have spent many an hour poring over the scripts, just wondering at the sheer genius of Glenn Caron and his writing group. But without Cybill and Bruce, this could have been just another show...their chemistry and interaction, their comedic timing...this was the reason that America watched each week. And I have to say, the show celebrated romance...made me long for it, and sit on the edge of my seat, wondering if this was going to be the week. Never since has there been a show that can invoke that kind of emotion...and I am very grateful that the moon and the stars all came together in this perfect aspect...what a wonderful journey.

8) Any other comments you care to make?

As if I hadn't gone on long enough...I'd just like to say that the Moonlighting on-line community is just great, and if I had one wish, it would be that we would all continue to work together to spread the word about the wonder that is Moonlighting.

Sue Stephenson

Scenes from Sue's Favorite Episodes:

From Big Man on Mulberry Street
Big Man on Mulberry Street

From Atomic Shakespeare
Atomic Shakespeare

From The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice
The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice

From The Next Murder You Hear
The Next Murder You Hear

From Its A Wonderful Job
It's a Wonderful Job

1) Describe Virtual Moonlighting and your role in it. Why are you personally doing this?

First off, Dana at ML Central started this on her site and everyone who reads OUR stuff really owes her a debt of gratitude. VM came out of our desire to keep the virtual seasons going after Season Six. My part started when Diane invited me to join the writing team after she had seen a couple of things I had posted on Posting those stories was a pretty bold step for me, because I'd NEVER written anything that I was willing to share. I was just so inspired by what I was reading by others that I couldn't help myself. So the risk paid off. I was very flattered by Diane's invitation and absolutely thrilled to be included with these women because I enjoy their writing so much. We share ideas, critique each other and we have a set schedule to which we really try to keep. I guess I'm doing this basically because I'm having fun. It's as simple as that. I'll be doing this until my wit well runs dry.

2) Tell me a bit about you.... where are you from? Are you employed and if so what is your career? Do you have a family/children/husband?

I live in Reno, Nevada which is a great little town except for the fact that high speed Internet access has JUST reached my neighborhood! The best part of living here is that we are less than an hour away from Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I've been married going on 20 years to a really great guy and have 2 kids, an 11 (going on 30) year old daughter and a 15 year old son. I am employed as a full-time, unpaid writer for Virtual Just kidding. Actually, I got "down-sized" out of a great, but very high stress job in the health-care industry around 6 years ago. As it turned out, losing my job came at the right time since my mom was ill and it became apparent that I needed to take care of her. My children also loved having me home so I have made the choice to stay with them at least until next year. Then I want to get some mindless job with NO stress so I can keep up this writing thing, which fills my need for a creative outlet away from the everyday grind.

3) How long have you been a ML fan?

I have been a Moonlighting fan since the first minute the show aired. I tuned in to see Cybill and wound up falling for Bruce. I thought the show had the funniest, cleverest (is that a word?) writing I had ever seen and then of course there was the chemistry between the stars. Needless to say, I NEVER missed an episode and became the resident ML expert for all my friends and co-workers.

4) What is/are your favorite ML episode(s) and why?

From Maddie's Turn to CryI'll try not to make this too long. Of course, I love different episodes for different reasons. I love Big Man, Atomic Shakespeare and Dream Sequence for their innovation. I love The Next Murder You Hear, My Fair David and Blonde on Blonde for the terrific writing and I think Bruce AND DAVID were at the top of their game in those. I love It's a Wonderful Job and Every Daughter's Father for Cybill's performances. And Maddie's Turn to Cry includes my all-time favorite scene - the two of them sitting on the trunk in David's apartment. I think it's the most tender, honest moment those two characters ever shared, as fleeting as it is. And I love how it ends with David turning to the camera and saying, "Yeah. I know. I thought we were heading for something big too..." I remember screaming in frustration at the TV the first time I saw that and my poor husband running down the stairs thinking someone was murdering me. Silly man; he knew I was watching Moonlighting.

I also love the out-takes at the end of Shirts and Skins. I love the kiss in Witness and the shirt-ripping scene in Tracks of My Tears. I love the shaving cream under the door in Murder's in the Mail. Oh hell, I love them all with the notable exception of Lunar Eclipse. That is the one episode I absolutely never watch because it puts me in a funk for days.

So much for not making this long.

5) If you could have had the final episode end any way you wanted, what would that have been?

ANY way but how they did it. Going down in a hail of bullets would have been better than that. Ok, maybe not. How about the writers going down in a hail of bullets? I guess I would have ended it with the two of them finally admitting their true feelings and walking off into the sunset - bantering. I don't know. By then the creativity of the show was long gone so I don't know how anyone could have pulled it out of that abyss. But I bet Glenn could have done it...or maybe Lizzie.

6) Are you actively involved in any of the other online "Moonlighting" fan activities?

I'm a member of the ML list. I check out the other sites, especially yours and ML Central and I'm bugging everyone I know to sign the DVD petition. I'm just not a very vocal person online so I mostly lurk.

7) Why is Moonlighting and the characters so special to you?

Did I happen to mention the writing? I think that's what it all boils down to; it's what gave the characters so much depth and made us care so much about them. The show also just plain cracks me up. The actors that brought those characters to life were equally special. Who could have imagined anyone else in those roles? I don't think the show would have been half as successful without any of them. They talk about television being a vast wasteland. I think that's basically true except for a few notable shows like X-Files (which also went out with a whimper) and Moonlighting.

8) Any other comments you care to make?

I just want to say thanks to people like you and everyone out there that keeps ML alive and kicking all these years later. And I want to thank my son for showing me that I could still get my "ML fix" online even after the show was cancelled. I had no idea there was so much interest in what I thought was my own private obsession. It's great to know there are other people in the world who are just as nuts as I am.

Lizzie Darcy

Scenes from Lizzie's Favorite Episodes:

From Big Man on Mulberry Street
Big Man on Mulberry Street

From Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice
The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice

From Atomic Shakespeare
Atomic Shakespeare

From Blonde on Blonde
Addison about to embark on the Sam Arc

From Sam and Dave
Sam & Dave, in the thick of the Sam Arc

From Maddie Hayes Got Married
Wrapping up the Walter Arc

1) Why are you personally doing Virtual Moonlighting?

Why? Too much time on my hands? I can't knit? Tired of complaining about the dreck on TV and at the movies and saying "I can do better than that" and then not doing anything about it? All reasons are not too far off the mark, but mostly I am doing it for fun and for the other writers.

I was writing fan-fiction all by myself when the Virtual Season premiered. By the end of the first season (Virtual 6) I contacted Dana and asked if I could write one episode. Dana welcomed me with open arms as did Diane and Sarah. It was nice to be so quickly accepted. I fully expected to write one filler episode (Up the Down Rabbit Hole) and fade back into fandom. My one episode turned into three in season seven with collaboration on four others. I guess they created a monster because here I am in my second season, with three episodes behind me and two and two halfs to go. I would like to comment on the collaboration aspect. It is very hard work but very rewarding. The idea of any group (no matter how small) to have the same vision is near impossible. The writers on staff now have similar concepts on how Maddie and David would or would not act, but sometimes that gets tested. I have been reined back a few times and I think having "gentle editors" is key to the success of the episode and the season. Season eight is going well and I what we have planned for the winter and spring is fantastic.

2) Tell me a bit about you.... where are you from? Are you employed and if so what is your career? Do you have a family/children/husband?

I now live in sunny southern California, but I was raised in New England and have spent my entire adult life in the western United States' deserts, mountains and coasts. I work fulltime in "the industry" in probably the most unglamorous job there is (well maybe two steps up from that). It would be redundant to say that I am bored in my job and need a creative outlet, but I am bored in my job and need a creative outlet. No mate, no children, a sister and a cat...but I am young yet (at least that is what I keep telling myself as the birthday's fly by).

3) How long have you been a ML fan?

I came to Moonlighting back on the first run in the 80's. Loved it and hated the reruns like the rest of America. Found it again when it was on Lifetime just before I went to work every day and found it again when it was on Bravo. This last time I taped them all, so I can see it whenever I want. Would still love to have them on DVD's.

4) What is/are your favorite ML episode(s) and why?

My absolute favorite is "Big Man on Mulberry Street." That was creative television at it's best. It had music and dancing, and drama and love. It moved the characters along the path yet it did not take them out of character. It for me was perfect. All the other ones were great or had moments of greatness in them. I also liked "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice" and "Atomic Shakespeare." The Sam-Walter arc was challenging and interesting to watch now that I call myself a writer, and through much of it Bruce Willis turned in some performances that I have yet to see him match.

5) If you could have had the final episode end any way you wanted, what would that have been?

I always got the feeling that David's feelings with Annie were never quite fully explained to the audience. Maddie believed that he was with Annie to get at her. I am not so sure that is true. I have also heard people say that David "let Annie go" because of Maddie and I don't think that is true. I would like to have seen David let Annie go because she was not right for him. She was taking over his life. If she stayed, he would have had to quit or buy Maddie out. I wanted him to decide that Annie was not right for him.

I would have preferred the show to end with a mirrored scene of the office scene in "The Color of Maddie." In that episode, they are talking calmly to each other about not knowing what they were to each other or where they would wind up ("Don't look down"). David invites her to dinner and on their way out to dinner the phone rings … back into the case and yet another missed opportunity. I would like to see that scene revisited, changed so that they could discuss the Annie thing (briefly), and Maddie chooses NOT to pick up the phone. Well like this (not my best work):

Cut to Maddie's Office (after everyone is let out of jail)

Maddie is alone and talking on the phone to her mother.

Maddie: The wedding was interesting. …. She went back with Mark today. … I don't know Mom. … I don't know … I'll call you tomorrow. Night.

David appears in her doorway as she hangs up.

David: Hey.

Maddie: Hey.

David: Some day.

Maddie: Some day.

Maddie & David: Well

Nervous laugh.

Maddie: That was a nice thing you did for Annie.

David: (pause) You know me better than that Maddie.

Maddie: I do?

David: Didn't do it for her.

Maddie: Oh?

David: Did it for me.

Maddie: David Addison -- a selfish, self-centered, dirty, rotten, son of a bitch, huh?

David: You keep talking like that they are going to take us off the air.

Maddie: Yeah. (pause) So now what?

David: Now what what?

Maddie: Now what us.

David: Us?

Maddie: Us.

David: Guess it's back to bantering and solving cases and ….

Maddie: And? … Back to where we started?

David: Not that far back. (grin)

Maddie: Good. (returned smile)

David: Ok ... well …

Maddie: Well … Ok

David: Night.

Maddie: Night.

Neither one moves.

David: OK, well … see ya.

Maddie: OK, well … see ya.

Neither one moves.

Maddie: Would you like to get some dinner? David: Wanna grab a bite to eat?

They laugh.

David: Thought you'd never ask.

Maddie gets up from her desk and grabs her bag. They walk into the outer office.

Cut to Outer Office

They are just about to walk out the door when the phone rings. They each stop and look at the phone.

Maddie: Could be Annie.

The phone rings again.

David: Could be a client.

The phone rings again.

Maddie: Could be Agnes and Bert.

The phone rings again.

David: Could be a bill collector.

The phone rings again.

Maddie takes David's arm and turns him toward the door.

Maddie: Could be a wrong number.

David: Definitely a wrong number.

They exit walking arm and arm down the hall. David sings something suggestive.

Cut to Office of Programming at ABC.

Secretary: No one is picking up, sir.

Suit (holding a pink slip in his hands): Try their homes. Send runners. Keep trying until you get them.

Secretary: Yes, sir.

Suit: This kind of news has to come from the top.

Secretary: Won't they figure it out when they show up tomorrow and there is a MOW on their set?

Suit: We owe it to them to tell them before. (Reading the slip) Cancellation … how could this happen?

Secretary: After this last season?

Suit: I guess you are right … forget it. They'll figure it out.


I will say that I thought the song "We'll Be Together Again" was very hopeful considering the shows creator was gone and the two stars wanted out so bad they could taste it. I guess that is why we have such a lively On-line community. They left us hopeful.

6) Are you actively involved in any of the other online "Moonlighting" fan activities?

Not really, I am on the committee to get the DVD's but I haven't really done much. I am actually pretty busy these days with Virtual.

7) Why are Moonlighting and the characters so special to you?

I think that this show was creative and written well, and I would love to have the ability to create such complex characters and still make them likeable. I guess it is special to me because it touches. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It makes me angry. It makes me happy. It makes me feel without manipulating me. What more can you ask of a TV show?



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