Moonlighting With

Talking dirty ---Brother Can You Spare a Blonde?

Scene: David's Office

David: (on the telephone) Operator…….I don't mind telling you, you're putting me in a helluva spot…….Are you calling me a liar? Yeah, well, reach out and touch this, Mama!

Scene: David's Office

David: (on the telephone) Mrs. Mittleman…I don't care if I have to look under every woman in Los Angeles, I'm going to find your husband.

Scene: David's Office

David : Hey, c'mon. An inquiry! Any inquiry's not bad. An inquiry's kinda like - case foreplay. You gotta have an inquiry before anybody gives you a case, right?

Maddie: Case foreplay?

Scene: Maddie's Office

David: Maddie, Maddie, Maddie…you're losing your grip, and I haven't even had a chance to sample it yet.

Scene: Maddie's Office

David: It's gonna turn around. Maddie, this is no time to throw in the towel.

Maddie: Towel? Pretty soon there aren't going to be any more towels. No towels, no bathroom, no anything!

David: It's gonna be pretty tough on the old personal hygiene.

Scene: Maddie's Office

Maddie's portion of overlapping dialogue.

Maddie: On the verge of what? Why am I asking? He'll just tell me…………..I can't believe I'm listening to you……….Why am I leading this life? I never did anything to deserve this. If I'd have know that being good didn't matter…..I'd have stayed up later……slept around more………

Scene: Entering the restaurant

David: how do I look? Do I look OK? Everything zipped? Everything tucked? Listen, when you shake his hand, do me a favor…bend over a little.

Maddie: What??

David: Trust me. It'll impress the hell out of him. Better than a gold card.

Scene: In the bar/club

David: I'm gonna split. Say goodnight for me, would ya?

Richie: (amused, self satisfied) Oh, you got my solemn word.

Scene: In David's office

Madddie: (annoyed with herself) I did it again.

David: Did what? And would you do it once with me?

Scene: In Maddie's office

Maddie lunges for David and hugs him hard.

Maddie: Oh, David.

David: Hey! I'm not totally invulnerable, you know.

Scene: In the men's room

David: Hello!

Navarone: Mr. Addison?

David: Yeeeesss?

Navarone: Mr. Addison.

David: Hey, c'mon pal, we're in the toilet. Call me Dave.

Navarone : You have something that belongs to me.

David looks around the stall.

David: Not in here I don't.

Scene: In the stall, continued

David: All right, fine, fine. You wanna play it that way, that's just fine with me. But I got time on my side, pal. At some point, Mother nature's gonna make it so that you're gonna wanna be on this side of the door…..and when that happens, let's see how tough you are.

Scene: The Men's Department of the store

Richie: But, I swear…the day I wore the bathing suit, I wore underwear. Maddie and David walk past and down an aisle filled with jackets.

David: Ya know how they say virgin wool - how do they know?

Scene: Inside the rack of jackets.

Navarone: My goodness, Mr. Addison, she looks like a very expensive hobby. Let's say we step through these coats and have a private meeting in one of these dressing rooms.

Maddie: But these are Men's dressing rooms. If it's all right, I'll just stay here.

Navarone cocks his gun.

Maddie: Of course, you've seen one guy in his socks, you've seen 'em all, right?

Scene: During the chase scene

Richie: We lost him.

David: Don't believe that for a minute.

Navarone: For a second………..yes, I am excited to see you, and yes, that is a pistol in my pocket.

Scene: David's office

Maddie: So how did it go? You and your brother? Just the two of you in the car?

David: It went fine. I asked him to sleep with me…he said no.

Scene: David's office.

David: This isn't bad. You always this much fun early in the morning?

Maddie: You're gonna die wondering.

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