Moonlighting With

Talking dirty ---My Fair David

David: "See that? That's body hair, baby. You ask any gym teacher in America and he'll tell you that's the first sign of maturity. And I got lots of it. All over."

David: "We're gonna have to raise the stakes."
Maddie: "More money?"
David: "No, not money. Something that really matters."
Maddie: "Keep dreaming, Addison."

Maddie: "I've never done that before."
David: "Grabbed a man by the lapels? That's okay. I enjoy it."

Maddie: "When I was growing up we had a sheepdog. A great big sheepdog. His name was Sport. He was bouncy, friendly. Every morning he would charge into my room, jump on the bed, and lick me all over my face."
David: "My kind of dog."
Maddie: "Please, there's more."
David: "Bouncing, or licking?"

David: "Maybe the Virgin Islands...I always like the name of that place."

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