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The Blue Moon Staff Members

The employees at Blue Moon changed a bit from the earliest episodes to about midway through the second season and then most of the ones there then became regular cast members. Only Agnes DiPesto has been there from the pilot on. Bert Viola was added as a temp accounting clerk early in the third season, and he became a permanent staff member by the end of the third season.

The regulars can be seen in this photo from the fourth season, where they appear as follows, left to right:

  • Allyce Beasley (Agnes DiPesto)
  • Curtis Armstrong (Herbert Viola)
  • Dan FitzPatrick (O'Neill)
  • Kristine Kauffman ( Kris)
  • Willie Brown (Simmons)
  • Inez Edwards (Inez)
  • Jamie Taylor (Jamie)
  • Jack Blessing (Magillicuddy)
  • Jonathan Ames (Jergenson)
In the show, the women all are referred to only by first names, and the guys by their last names.

The Blue Moon Staff from Season One
Blue Moon Staff  Season ThreeBlue Moon Staff  Season Three
Blue Moon Staff play strip poker, season 3
Blue Moon Staff Season three Father Knows LastBlue Moon Staff Season Four
Blue Moon Staff Season Five
From I See England....season 5
Blue Moon Staff with Maddie season 5

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