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  • Dipesto's Diary

    I know what's up with Mr. Addison and Miss Hayes
    And I have recorded it all here by exact days.
    So click this link, it's your only chance
    Come see my view on their hot romance.

  • Eavesdropping

    Want to hear the latest scandal?
    We have more than you can handle.
    Wishing you knew gossip galore?
    We know that and so much more.
    Want to get the latest scoop?
    Check with us for all the poop.
    Need to find out all the dirt?
    Our staff is always on alert.

  • Spying on the Bosses
    Who slammed their door and caused a scene?
    Were they fighting, flirting or just being mean?
    Are they in love, in lust or something in between?
    Just wait till you read what we have all seen! Home Page


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