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Money Talks...Maddie Walks

Date Originally Aired: Oct. 8, 1985
Written By: Kerry Ehrin & Ali Marie Matheson
Directed By: Chris Nyby
Title Reference: It is a common expression to say "Money Talks, so-and-so Walks"
Alternate Title:

Our Rating: (1-10 with 10 being the highest) 10

Cast Members:

    Cybill Shepherd
    Bruce Willis
    Allyce Beasley

Recurring Guest Stars:


Guest Stars:

    Alan Blumenfeld as Charles
    Mark Lonow as Ron Sawyer
    Rick Fitts as the cop
    Anthony Alexander as the croupier
    Anthony Gordon as Maitre D'
    Robert Z'dar as Garcia
    Tony Giorgio as Tony
    Charles Seixas as Security Guard
    Paco Vela as Security Guard


    Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite
    You Wear it Well by DeBarge
    Murphy's Law by Al Jarreau

Plot Summary:

    Maddie learns the whereabouts of the man who swindled her and flies to Buenos Aires to confront him.

Naughty Lines:


    Maddie imagines how she will recover her money from her swindling accountant Ron Sawyer, merely by showing up and impressing him with her beauty and strength of will. A very brief dream, but shows us how different Maddie's perception of what will happens is so different from reality.


    The epilogue takes place back at the detective agency in L.A. with Miss Dipesto trying to talk Maddie into wiring David the money he needs for a plane ticket back home from Buenas Aires.

Fourth Wall:


The Case:

    There is no case here to solve. This is one of the Maddie and David handling personal matters episodes.

Chase Scene:


Fights Between Maddie & David:

    The episode opens with Maddie angry at David for losing the Chicken Lickin' account.

    When Maddie wants to fly to Buenos Aires to try to get her money back, she and David argue about whether she should go or not.

    Maddie is furious with David at the end because she thinks he talked her into folding at the card game which she would have won.

Where the relationship is going:

    When Maddie takes off to Buenos Aires, David really misses her and is hurt that she didn't ask him to go with her. So he flies down there. They have just a wonderful time gambling and winning in the casino that they very much enjoy eac other's company. David even tries to put a small move on Maddie, leaning in for a kiss. But she gently stops him and he kisses her palm instead. Later that evening when David talks her into folding the high stake poker game and convinces her that her future is back in Los Angeles, she is very touched by his actions and expresses her gratitude with a sweet kiss on the cheek. After she discovers that they held the winning hand, she angrily leaves David in Argentina and flies home alone. Back home, Maddie tells Agnes that she is really disappointed because she had actually started to care and thought he was special, only to have him pull that stunt.

Special Features:

Other Memorable Lines:

Funniest Part:

Most Romantic:

    First, we see David missing Maddie when she leaves for Buenas Aires.

    Next the wonderful night spent in the casino once David arrives. Right after Maddie and David have won thousands gambling, they sit down to talk and he tries to lean in for a kiss. When she playfully pushes him away, he kisses her palm instead.

    When Maddie thanks David for convincing her to fold in the poker game and go back home to her business and her life in L.A., she thanks him with a sweet, sincere kiss on the check.

Most Dramatic:

    The opening scene as Maddie tries to talk Charles out of committing suicide.

    The high stakes poker game between David and Ron Sawyer.



Photo Gallery:

Maddie tries to help Charles.

"I'm going...." "Don't go!"

Maddie dreams of recovering her money from Sawyer.

Agnes tells Addison, "I miss her too."

"Where did you come from?"

"A hell of an entrance."

On a winning streak.

A quiet private moment between the two.

The big poker game.

"Just when you think that you might have found someone...."

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