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I am so pleased you've shown an interest in the important issues of our site. It's always been my belief that we all have much to learn, and that analysis and discussion are the tools of a thinker's trade. And after all, everyone can use a little stimulation - mental stimulation, that is. Let's delve into the possibilities.

  • Episode Guide

    I believe we've put together quite a comprehensive episode guide. It's full of all of the pertinent details found in many of the other guides, but with a twist…(actually, some of David's contributions are downright "twisted".) We actually tried to sleuth out some details not found on other guides, and have added our site editors' ratings ** of each episode - which will likely spark some lively discussions!

    View All Episodes or use the Advanced Episode Search.

    Advanced Episode Search
    Season (1-5) Episode # Editor's Rating (1-10)**

    View all episodes by leaving the boxes above blank. To restrict a search enter the restrictions in the fields below. For example, type 1 in the Season field to see episodes just from season one. You can also use a math expression in any field that would contain a number. For example, type >2 in the Season field to see the episodes from seasons 3, 4, & 5 only.

    **Editor's Rating refers to a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest as determined by the Site Editors. See the table below for clarification.

    Editor's Ratings
    10Simply the best. One of the top 10 episodes ever.
    9Close to perfect. Just missed the top slot by a hair.
    8Great, Great.
    7Classic, well-done and has some excellent moments.
    6We liked it and would recommend it.
    5Interesting. Enjoyable. Better than your average bear.
    4An average show by "Moonlighting" standards, but still way better than most crap on tv.
    3A decent effort, but something was lacking. (Hey, no sweat. You can't always be at the top of your game.)
    2Doesn't stink but then doesn't do much of anything for us either.
    1Has real problems. Are you sure this is from the same series?

  • In Depth Discussions:

    Here's the section everyone is talking about, a detailed study of certain renowned aspects of the show. You'll find plenty of articles, videos, remembrances and opinions. Everything you could ever want to know and them some.

  • Critical Essays

    I have to admit, this section is my special favorite. Here, we get a chance to interpret....Using general critical standards, our essays will present references from literature, film and philosophy to answer the age old question "Where is the relationship going?"...and perhaps, "Where has it been?"

  • The Cover Gallery

    I believe magazine covers are like a social commentary. All of the major issues of the day play out in the press. David and I have secured our place in history..."on the cover of the Rolling Stone" well as many other publications. You'll find them all here -- the reputable as well as the "rags". Click here, and our webmaster will give you a guided tour on the pictorial history of Moonlighting.

  • Press Room

    No business can run, no endeavor can prove successful, without just the right amount of public exposure - that's right, the press. Documentation of our activities has spread to the four corners of the world - and I'll bet you even David can find something he doesn't know here!

  • Having Fine Yet?

    Having Fine Yet? As a former fashion model, I pride myself on knowing what is truly "cutting edge" -- in fashion, culture, art, décor. (No, David, not the heart boxers -- not in a million years). Excuse me -- I will attempt to maintain the dignity of this site by reviewing the finer aspects of our show, such as they are. Home Page


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