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The Chemistry on Moonlighting
Miscellaneous Cast & Crew Comments

Allan Arkush, Director: In an interview last year, Arkush talked about the chemistry between Cybill and Bruce: " matter how tense it got, when they would do the scenes in the car, the BMW, and we'd drive around...after they'd finish the scene and we'd be driving back to the studio, they'd ask that the microphones be turned off. And they'd sit in the car, and they'd talk to each other so no one could hear. And there was an intimacy and intensity there that I think that deep down inside they understood each other. There's no other way around it. And you know what people say a lot about chemistry? I could see it; I could feel it...It wasn't just when the cameras rolled. In the car with the microphones off, they would talk to each other about important things in each other's lives. Then, at the end of it, when they got out of the car, they'd go their separate ways, and you know whatever was going on, they'd be angry with each other or whatever it was...those moments of privacy were very separate. And I couldn't tell what they were talking about, but I could see it through the windshield. And I think that, at that point, whatever was happening, they were, obviously, very important to each other. And I think it comes out on the film, and that made it such a joy to direct."

David and Maddie banter in the car

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Tony Giorgio, Actor: In the episode "Money Talks--Maddie Walks" Tony was a guest star who played the character of Tony. Interviewed by Barbara and Scott Siegel for Cybill & Bruce: Moonlighting Magic, 1987, Tony explained how he was very much impressed with how Cybill & Bruce worked together: "The two of them are constantly creating and suggesting to each other how to play a scene... They're not improvising, but within the context of the scene, an actor has choices as to what kind of activity he might be carrying on...'I'll stand here, you stand there. If I put my arm around you when you say that and you look over that way...' They help each other; they create to make things come to life...There was a marvelous rapport and cooperation between them."

Maddie and David from Money talks Maddie WalksDavid and Maddie from Money Talks, Maddie Walks

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Peter Werner, Director: Interviewed last year, Werner talked about the impact a director had on the chemistry of Maddie and David: "...a big part of the director's job is to make sure the script works. A lot of your energy goes into that, instead of just directing the scenes and just directing the subtext, and I think in some ways, if I made a contribution to the show, it really was in those first three episodes I did. I really helped Bruce and Cybill be able to say the words in a comedic way, but play that they were truly attracted to each other underneath. Play what was going on in the subtext. Play if they were hurt or angry or turned on, but the words wouldn't necessarily say that. The words could be very funny and bantery, but underneath, you could feel that he was deeply attracted to her and needed her approval, or she was falling for him but was upset. So that really was a great experience for me as a director just to be able to play with the subtext that much."

Maddie and David from Borther Can You Spare a Blonde?David and Maddie from Brother Can You Spare a Blonde?
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