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Couple Chemistry:
"...after a scene between the two in question,
I feel like a voyeur..."

The way I would describe chemistry is if after a scene between the two in question, I feel like a voyeur. Like it there should be only these two people and I am, as a viewer, intruding. Other than Maddie and David I have only felt that way about one other couple. Carley and Jack on As The World Turns.

It is interesting that you ask this question because I was discussing this with my husband last night during Joe Millionaire. I said I liked Zora but it seemed to me that she and Evan had no chemistry. They didn't jump off the screen at me. Maybe that is just me.

I really didn't answer your question did I?

On Moonlighting the best chemistry scenes I think are the ones that are so hidden. Here are a few examples.

1: In the first ep "Gunfight" when they hug and just for a split second they hold each other longer than they planned to. The same thing happens in "Brother" they catch themselves in a hug that to the viewers just looks a little less innocent than intended.

Maddie & David's chemistry in Money Talks, Maddie Walks at the casino2: I also love the scene in "Money Talks" when Maddie and David are sitting on the sidewalk outside the casino. Tell me he wasn't going to kiss her.

3: In Blonde on Blonde when David is trying to get Maddie to open up to him and he grabs her hands. I love that scene. Again oozing off the screen.

I could go on and on.

I also think that David has "the look". He uses it on average about once an episode and to me it says "This woman is incredible and I can barely contain myself." I call it the "money" look.

Some good examples of this look (and the most obvious because he calls himself on it) is in "Portrait" when he says to her "You are so beautiful when you get fiscal." Try to pick out the look I am talking about. It gives you an excuse to scrutinize your tapes! (Like I need an excuse.)

I'll stop myself here. This could turn into a term paper.

~~Dana B of Moonlighting Central

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