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Couple Chemistry:
"...something that lives behind the eyes...when they share the screen..."

The chemistry of David and Maddie is not the chemistry of David and Maddie, but that of Bruce and Cybill. The characters standing alone are true works of inspiration and genius on the part of Glenn Gordon Caron. Quirky, complex, oft times over the top, and yet at their heart Maddie and David are archetypes, explored time and time again by different writers and different actors, with different characters and situations, sometimes with great success. They key to making the characters and their words on a page become more than just that is the performance, and underlying that performance must be that ineffable quality of chemistry between two individuals. Bruce and Cybill had that quality. It is not something that can be "played"—as has been said many times before, you either have it, or you don't.

The eyes of Maddie and DavidIdentifying what constitutes that quality of chemistry is a bit of a challenge, as it is as elusive in description as it is in fact. It seems to me that it is something that lives behind the eyes of Bruce and Cybill when they share the screen. If you could illustrate it, it would look like an electric arc from some mad scientist movie prop. If you could hear it, it would pop and crackle and hum. This is more than just your run of the mill spark—-there's a certain playful defiance mixed with deep understanding implicit in not just their words or tone of voice, but even in the most darting of glances. There is something buzzing below the surface, and there's no denying it, whether the characters are sharing a fitful moment of passion, or a quiet moment of reflection. These two know each other for better or worse, and at the same time they challenge each other as no one else can. As was said of Maddie and David in "Womb with a View", it is not hard to imagine that these are old souls who keep meeting up in various incarnations to hash it all out. Whether or not they ever work it out, the connection transcends the external accoutrements. Take away the words, costumes, makeup and sets and it would still be there.

~~Hazel H., CA of Moonlighting DVD Campaign

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