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DiPesto's Diary

As Blue Moon Investigations Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Miss DiPesto answers the phone, schedules appointments, and maintains records on each client and their case. One day when updating client records she started to notice that what was going on with the clients and the business seemed to suspiciously remind her of what was going on personally between her two bosses. After all, keeping track of Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison was part of her job, and she took this part of her job very much to heart. So Miss DiPesto started keeping a diary on her observations. Here is where you can peek at her diary entries, arranged by cases.

Miss DiPesto and Miss Hayes Talk
Miss DiPesto and Mr. Addison
Miss DiPesto tells all as she reviews selected cases that echo what was going on at that time in her bosses' relationship.

Listed below by season, in order of occurrence.

Coming Soon!!

  1. Season II: The Greydon Case from "My Fair David"
  2. Season II: The Wellman Case from "Atlas Belched"
  3. Season II: The Tupperman Case from "The Bride of Tupperman"
  4. Season III: The Bower Case from "The Man Who Cried Wife"
  5. Season III: The Father McDonovan Case from "All Creatures Great and Not So Great"
  6. Season III: The Johnson/McClafferty Case from "Sam & Dave" & "Maddie's Turn to Cry"
  7. Season III: The Kendall Case from "To Heiress Human"
  8. Season IV: The Chase Case from "Come Back Little Shiksa"
  9. Season IV: The Baxter Case from "Eek! A Spouse"
  10. Season IV: The Gates Case from "And The Flesh Was Made Word"
  11. Season V: The Cooper Case from "The Color of Maddie"
  12. Season V: The Hunzinger Case from "Plastic Fantastic Lovers"
  13. Season V: The Fuller/Fass Case from "Shirts & Skins"
  14. Season V: The Anselmo Case from most of Season 5

Case number 7, the Kendall Case, gets Miss DiPesto's and my vote as the most relevant case to the relationship at the time of occurrence.

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