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NEW! An email in response to Brian's comments

Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 10:54 AM


From: Brian M.

Subject: [ML] I Am Curious ... Maddie

I got this email yesterday in response to my web pages about the show. As I've said here and elsewhere, the climax to the four-parter isn't something that I enjoy (although I very much enjoy everything that leads up to it), because I can't relate to it. However, I do understand that other people can relate to it-it's a matter of different people having different perspectives, as we've discussed on this list in the past-which is why I enjoyed the following email so much. I asked for permission to share it with you all. The email starts like this:


Dear Brian,

In March of 1988 I went to London to get away for awhile as I was just getting out of a bad relationship with someone I worked with. I turned on the TV (BBC) and saw moonlighting for the first time.

Actually, I had seen the pilot and loved it but I always had commitment problems and intimacy issues and thought I should stay away from anything I had to watch on a weekly basis. Well, here I am 17 years later trying to decided if I should buy the DVD set. I was looking out on the web to see what the 1st & 2nd Season looked like and how many episodes it included when I came upon your site. I read you synopsis/review of "I Am Curious" and thought I should drop you a line. You claim it didn't sit well with you ... it didn't feel right and you just don't like it.

In 1987, I was working with a PR rep from another company who was a real prude and she constantly sat in judgment of my activities.

After many, many arguments while working in Europe, we flew home on April 23rd 1987 ... my birthday. Although, we worked well together and there was definite affection for the other, we hated the fact that we had to share a hotel room. She wanted to treated me to a birthday diner at the Water Club since I had to spend the night on the couch. We argued. At the Water Club, we had a few drinks and started discussing our views of each other. The volume escalated and name calling was abundant. I think it was when I loudly proclaimed she was a prude in whore's clothing she slapped me across the face ... hard ... I saw stars. The crowd gasped. I wanted to kill her but instead, I kissed her. Again, really, I saw stars. The crowd clapped.

We were married six weeks later and when we told our friends they all said, "Well, it's about time". Yoko Ono once said (to us), When Epic Love's fight, They fight in epic proportion. We were married again in 1989, 1994. Almost married again in 1997 and we just officially stopped dating about 3 months ago which reminds me, I need to call and see what she's doing this weekend. It's been a wild ride and I've been slapped a few times since that first time.

I guess you have to experience it to understand it but I do understand the episode. The frustration, the bickering, the challenge ... it becomes foreplay. I found over the years that when people are not in touch with their feelings, they express them in the only way they know how and sometimes that maybe just a good quarrel.

I have never regretted the years I've spent with and without her.

BTW - When I brought up/bring up Moonlighting, she claims it's a ridiculous show without a hint of realism or romance ... and then we both laugh.

Hope you find your Maddie!

I asked for permission to share this with this list, offering to remove identifying information, and got this response:


Sure, why not but I'd like to leave you with a final thought. Sometimes I feel I know how Moonlighting really ended. It doesn't.

You never get over that one special love no matter how hard you try. It's a curse and a wonderful gift at the same time. And, as often as we have married and broke up, I truly know what it is to love and be loved although sometimes it does like a TV show. Because love is funny, fun, noir, Shakespeare, musical numbers, friends, and slaps across the face all weaved into a wonderful plot of each other. I guess that's why we referred to our third marriage as the reunion episode.

I should also mention, the episode I saw in London was "I am Curious" and although I had a tear in my eye, I laughed my ass off.

Hope this help you understand the episode a little better.

To which I reply: Yes it does. It really does.

~~Brian M. Studio City, CA

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