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March 31, 1987, Tuesday, AM cycle

SECTION: Domestic News

LENGTH: 178 words

HEADLINE: Maddie-David Union?



Maddie Hayes and David Addison have been flirting for three years on the ABC-TV series "Moonlighting." The flirting stops Tuesday night. "No more between the lines. Tonight's between the sheets," ABC said in a news release promoting the series that stars Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis as detectives who can't seem to decide what kind of relationship they want to have. The affectionate but often sharp banter between the business partners has been a prime attraction of the show, and has led to questions about whether they'll become romantically involved. But the on-screen romance between Maddie and David has been complicated by the real-life pregnancy of Miss Shepard and Willis' broken collar bone. Mark Harmon appeared in several episodes this season as Maddie's former astronaut boyfriend, Sam, who wants to tie the knot with the former model. "David runs the risk of losing Maddie for good after Sam proposes, and Maddie has difficulty thinking up reasons why she shouldn't marry 'Mr. Perfect,"' ABC said in promoting "The Big Bang" episode. Home Page


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