Moonlighting With
Regarding Act IV, Episode #86314: Maddie & David 'Do It'
The Press Prior to The Big Bang (1985-March 31, 1987)

Before it actually occurred
Articles from March 1985-March 31, 1987

As mentioned previously, interest was very high concerning Maddie and David's relationship and the possibility of a consummation. From across the US, newspapers carried stories on the couple and the potential coupling. Here is a sampling of some of those pieces.

Chicago Tribune, February 9, 1986: Sexual Tension Teases Stars and Viewers

Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1986: The Tale of the Carrot and the Shtick

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, January 20, 1987: Conspiracy theory attempts to explain absences on Moonlighting

Los Angeles Times, March 3 & 4, 1987: News of Cybill & Bruce

Los Angeles Times, March 20, 1987: Museeum of Broadcasting's TV Fest, Moonlighting Creator Faces Fans

United Press International, March 30, 1987: Moonlighting does the dirty deed

Associated Press, morning edition of March 31, 1987: Maddie-David Union?

Chicago Tribune, late edition of March 31, 1987: Moonlighting Babies are TV's Big Mystery

New York Times, late edition of March 31, 1987: For Moonlighting Couple, a Very Public Private Affair

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