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Critical Essays

The Site Editors get to express their far-flung ideas here. You too can participate if the mood hits. We would love to hear from any of you with your critical ideas and thoughts. Email us and share your thoughts, we will review your ideas and if it meets the criteria, we will be delighted to post it here. The only real criteria is 1) that it has to be about "Moonlighting" 2) it can not be an attack on a cast or crew member or fan and 3) the language and subject matter should be in good taste--not x-rated. This is for critical, researched, non-fiction essays, not fanfiction

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Noir man, Noir Woman, Noir Trouble!The Beautiful Boss Lady and One of the Poor Slobs Who Lives for HerWhen was the last time you had any fun?

Noir Wars: Gender Conflicts in Black and White from "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice"

"Portrait of Maddie," A Lady and her Vanity ala Henry James

A Study of "Moonlighting" as a Contemporary "Taming of the Shew" through Parallel Viewings of the the pilot and "Atomic Shakespeare"

And sometimes Falls...The truth is out thereShe Makes Love Just Like A Woman, But She Breaks Just Like A Little Girl

How Hemingway! Exploring the Modern Male Mythos in "The Son Also Rises"

"The Straight Poop"--Rumor vs. Reality, the Fourth Wall and the Fourth Estate

The "Zipless Arc" or how Maddie Hayes overcame her Fear of Flying--a Jongian feminist reading of the Season Three crisis and continuing storyline

David Does Dylan: A Warholian look at LA Nightlife and Relationships and the "Blonde on Blonde" moments in "Blonde on Blonde" forgive, divine, except when you start talking about that pact crapFull of Ultrasound and fury, signifying somethingThis Back Seat Driver is nothing but trouble!

Pope's "The Essay on Man" and The Pursuit of Pleasure: Why the Pact in "To Heiress Human" Will Never Work

Glenn Gordon Caron's Swan Song: "Womb With A View"

Hitchock in the late 1980's: the Symbols, Scenes and Silliness of "I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld"

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