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In Depth Studies:  Having Fine Yet?

David presents Maddie with a single red rose
Having Fine Yet?

Maddie Hayes Having Fine

"Hi! I'm Maddie Hayes. Just because running a detective agency can be a down and dirty business, that doesn't mean I should have to compromise or lower my standards. That's what I've tried to impress upon David, although sometimes, I don't believe it is possible for David's standards to get any lower. I like to think my presence has brought some culture and dignity to Blue Moon -- and to my reluctantly dragged into GQ partner.

Although, I have to admit, sometimes the man surprises me, like in these publicity shots we've had taken. He really does clean up pretty well, I guess. And I think they'll be a good promotional tool -- bring in some needed, lucrative business.

I have some additional plans to illustrate why "fine" is best. Keep your eye on this section for some of the touches that have improved Blue Moon's public image -- a look at fashion through the years, as well as a personally conducted tour through my home (think Jackie Kennedy......think elegant without the pillbox hat). We will also be reviewing the classic music played throughout our encounters, as well as giving you a tire to tire tour of the BMW635CSi.

Check back often....exposure to culture can be a life altering experience.......ask David.

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Maddie's dialogue written by site co-editor and Virtual Moonlighting scribe Diane Hopkins. Nice Job, Di.


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