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Johnny Bravo's Moonlighting Homage!
Don't miss: Cartoon Network on August 20th (check your local listings)
Special Guest Stars: Allyce Beasley & Curtis Armstrong

Artwork used by permission of Van Partible
Just the other day an email came into the site:

Hi. My name is Van Partible and I'm the creator of Cartoon Network's "Johnny Bravo." First off, I just wanted to thank you for such a comprehensive and wonderful website to explore. It's helped me a lot in preparation for an upcoming episode that I'm currently wrapping up.

I've always been a huge fan of "Moonlighting" and thought I'd give it a shot at trying to reunite Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong for a tribute episode. Well, I did it....

...Thanks again for all your wonderful work in keeping the spirit of this amazing show alive. It was truly a dream come true to make this episode.

Take care.

-Van Partible

Van Partible with his creation, Johnny Bravo
Van Partible and his creation, Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo's Allyce Beasley

Allyce (above) and Curtis (below) as they will appear in "Some Walk By Night."

Johnny Bravo's Curtis Armstrong
This sounded intriguing, so after a few emails back and forth, Mr. Partible agreed to take a few questions about this episode for Here they are:

Ten Questions with Johnny Bravo Creator, Van Partible
  1. For those of us who may not be familiar with your show, give us a brief overview of Johnny Bravo.

  2. Johnny Bravo is an animated cartoon about the misadventures of a buffed-out, self proclaimed ladies man who always wears sunglasses, has a huge blonde pompadour, has moves like Michael Jackson, and talks like Elvis Presley. It's also a kid's cartoon. I write for my own amusement yet still try to keep it within the children's viewing standards.

  3. Tell us a bit about this episode (Some Walk by Night) and Curtis and Allyce's involvement in it.

  4. Johnny Bravo with Allyce and Curtis
    From "Some Walk By Night"
    I like doing parodies of genres and shows that I've enjoyed in my life. "Some Walk By Night" is a crazy look at the reality TV craze that seems to be sweeping our airwaves. Curtis and Allyce play themselves in this episode. I took the characteristics of Bert Viola and Agnes Dipesto and embodied them into these particular caricatures of Curtis and Allyce. I even had them designed to look like they did back in their "Moonlighting" days.

    Anyhow, in this particular episode, we find Curtis and Allyce trying to cast "real people" for their new show "Who wants to star in their own pilot for a prime time series as a detective or a detective's sidekick?" Of course, they try and cast Johnny Bravo, but not without the help of the self absorbed star of their pilot: Marina Draskovic (voiced by Lori Loughlin from "Full House" and "Summerland").

  5. How did this whole thing with them come about?

  6. I had met Allyce and her son at The Museum Of Television and Radio back in 1997 and told her that I would find some way to work with her on a project some time in the future. It only took me seven years. I've always wanted to do a "Moonlighting" styled episode and everything just came together in a strange sort of kismet.

    Getting the two together was easier than I thought. I simply had my casting director call Curtis and Allyce's representatives, and that was that. Since that was relatively effortless, I thought that I would try to get Bruce & Cybill to do a cameo. Unfortunately, they both had to pass. But hey, I had to try. :-) My casting director did send me an e-mail that relayed a message from Bruce's representatives that said "he and his kids love the show... but he is out of the country and then he comes back to start producing a new show in November and just does not have the time." So at least it was a nice turn down.

  7. What was it like watching Curtis & Allyce work together again with these characters after all these years?

  8. I have to admit, it was really exciting. I have no idea why they don't work together more often because they have such a unique chemistry. Their reads and their timing were classic. I usually don't look at the actors when they're reading their lines so that I can separate their vocal performance from their physical performance. I made an exception this time because it was such a treat to have them in the booth. I couldn't not look! There's one particular line that Allyce delivers in the show where she says, "Thank you Miss Draskovic." It's almost a throw away gag, but she read it in a way that gave me chills and had me cracking up because it was quintessential DiPesto.

  9. What are some special aspects of this episode that the Moonlighting fans should be watching for? Are you incorporating any of the unique elements of Moonlighting in this show....e.g. breaking the fourth wall, overlapping dialogue, dream/fantasy sequences etc? Are we going to see some of these in this episode?

  10. First and foremost, I wanted Marina and Johnny's relationship to be reminiscent of David and Maddie's. I wanted them to have incessant banter, for him to always be making come-ons to her, and for them to attack the problem from opposite ends of the spectrum. I also wanted to keep it ridiculously silly as I know that old Warner Brothers cartoons were a big influence on the show. At one point, I even have Allyce say "It's like watching lightning in a bottle!" which is how David and Maddie were once described in an interview.

    As far as the technical stuff, I tried to overlap the dialogue a little more than usual to give it that rapid fire sense of timing. Also, I had my composer, Lou Fagenson, watch a few episodes so that he could try and emulate the musical flavorings that the original series had.

    A big homage to the show is that Allyce's introduction in the episode is through rhyme. She delivers an opening monologue the way she answered the phone at The Blue Moon Detective Agency. And finally, although it's only mentioned in the credits, the first damsel in distress is named Madeline.

  11. You told me you are a big fan of Moonlighting, yet as I understand it you are fairly young. You couldn't have been more than 10 or 11 back in the mid 80's. Did you really watch it back when it originally aired and what are some of your special memories of that?

  12. I was actually born in 1970 so I guess you could do the math as to how old I was during the run of the series. But whatever age I was, I was totally into the show. I have a self portrait that I made in my art class where you took a silhouette of your head in profile and drew things inside that were symbolic of you. In the bottom right hand corner I drew a portrait of Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. I was such a Bruce Willis fan. My favorite album at the time was "The Return of Bruno." I still have a video copy of his performance at The American Music Awards when he performed "Jackpot." I even remember that the series finale was up against the series finale of "Family Ties" which I kept flipping back and forth between. If I'm wrong, then the fact checkers can cry foul, but that's my recollection.

  13. What do you think really made you want to do this there any similarity between the Johnny Bravo character and the David Addison character in your mind?

  14. Johnny and David are both unabashed risk takers. Also, they both have these personalities that make you want to be around them to see what's going to happen next.

  15. Do you generally feel inspired by Moonlighting, or is this just a one episode thing?

  16. The funny thing is that, from the beginning, Johnny Bravo was heavily inspired by "Moonlighting" in that it often breaks the fourth wall, it overlaps dialogue, and it has it's own distinct rhythm.

  17. Do you have a particular favorite episode of Moonlighting that you remember? Along the same line, which episode of the series do you think this episode of Johnny Bravo reminds you the most of?

  18. When I was writing Johnny Bravo's origin, I kept "A Womb With A View" in the back of my head. I thought it was brilliant the way that the audience got to find out Maddie was carrying David's baby (instead of Sam's) but the characters on the show had no idea. If I'm correct, that episode was written by Glenn Caron who I consider a genius. I mean, it takes an amazing writer to make a miscarriage so sweet and tender.

    I don't know if this "Johnny Bravo" episode reminds me of any past episode. If any, it would have to be the pilot because the two leads are first meeting each other and Marina has this "I'm better than thou" complex and Johnny is just being himself trying to impress his new partner.

  19. Is there anything you would like to tell us that we missed asking about?

  20. The show is tentatively scheduled to air on Cartoon Network at 9:30 PM on August 20th. You're probably going to have to check your local listings as the air dates are subject to change. I hope everybody that wants to watch it gets a chance to because I really feel that I was able to stay true to the vision of Glenn Caron and the characters he created. And believe you me, I did a lot of research, talked to a lot of people, and utilized as many resources as I could to make this vision come alive. So essentially, it's a group effort put together by people who truly love "Moonlighting." Home Page


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