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The Good Stuff

Addison's montageAh-ha! I see you are a person of real distinction and character!! I knew I could count on you to find the only REAL reason to visit this site.

  • Red Hot Photos

    The Blue Moon Detective Agency in all its glory. (Psst! check these out...but try not to hyperventilate along the way.)

  • Goofing off

    Goofing off? Moi? I'd prefer to think of it as a highly developed method of filling those unproductive working hours with challenging and thought provoking activities -- kinda like butt squats for the old grey matter. And if a little fun and frolic happens to kick in, what the hey!

    The trick is to make sure the boss isn't peeking over your shoulder -- and in my case, the view is much better when I'm doing the peeking. Just another Blue Moon perk!

  • Talking Dirty

    Our greatest hits...or at least the best and naughtiest stuff we got by the ABC Network Censors. Now those suits are some uptight folks with no sense of humor. Come see what we snuck by them.

  • Bar Break

    All this heat (and the third or fourth trip through those red hot photos) has made me really thirsty. Let's hit the bars and quaff our thirst before continuing. Hey, relax. Don't sweat it. It's all on me.

  • Moonlighting Parodies

    Yeah, go ahead. Make fun of us. It looks like plenty of other folks did.

  • Fans' Captions

    Yo! You tryin' to put words in our mouths? You think you can outwit the ol' Addison wit well? C'mon, give it a shot!

    Fast talking jive, hip hop slop, bears baring and bees being are the order of the day. By the by, slip something past the censors and you get extra points -- and a high five from me!

  • Having Fun Yet?

    Having fun yet? You betcha! With ole Dave in charge, how can it be any other way? You want to snooze, go see Maddie's section. You want to laugh, then click here. Home Page

    David's commentary written by site co-editor and Virtual Moonlighting scribe Diane Hopkins. Thank you, Di.


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