Moonlighting With
Miss DiPesto has seen plenty!
I'm here to tell you that the things I see,
Is not something I should share between you and me.
But stick around and soon you'll know plenty;
'Cause Bert's big fat, mouth will give you the skinny!

Viola spying
Spying on the Bosses

What we saw when we spied on the bosses
See, I told you the office gets to see lots,
For each other these two have the permanent hots.
One of our favorite topics for discussion at the water cooler is our bosses' relationship and snooping on the two of them is a major source of entertainment over here at Blue Moon Investigations. I bet we put more effort into investigating them than we do even on the Anselmo case. Several of us have made small fortunes off of bets based on their relationship, so it is only fair that we get the information necessary to settle these bets. (BTW, it was McGillicudy who won the Office Pool and a cool $78 on guessing the date when they would first sleep together.)

We have put together a very complete list on what kinds of things we have seen from these two, especially the really intimate moments. We watch the show too and so whatever we didn't see actually happen at work, we can fill in the blanks to get the full report. We call this list..."They Did What? Where?" as it details all the unusual places that we know of that set the scene for moments of personal intimacy between Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison. Everything from flirty talk to saying I Love You; from tender touches and dancing slow to passionate lovemaking...if they shared it, we know about it.

Want to take a guess at what they did where here? Her office, his office, the Blue Moon lobby, the elevator, the parking garage, the car, her living room, her dining room, her kitchen, her bedroom, her bathroom, her shower, her patio, his living room, his bedroom, at the hospital, in a church, at a laundromat, in a bar, in a restaurant, on a pay phone, at the symphony, on a stakeout, in a casino, on a plane, in a hotel, at a mortuary, on a building ledge, on a rooftop, on a train, in a post office, on the telephone, in a written note or letter, at the morgue, in an adult book store, on the backlot of the tv studio, in a limosine, on an answering machine, at a boxing match, to name a few!!

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