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Here you can catch the fruit of the labors of the staff members of the agency. They are willing to share with you just what they have learned utilizing their best eavesdropping techniques, all perfected right here in the home office of Blue Moon Investigations. You too can get in on the fun by staying on alert for potential ear-up-to-door moments. Get your water glasses and your ears ready. You never know when something juicy might occur.

But first, a contribution from Blue Moon's very own Kris. Kris has been at Blue Moon since season two and she is one of the most diligent eavesdroppers. She is real organized too and has made a nice concise list of her own about all this. Here is Kris's list:

by Kris

1. Agnes yelling at Mr. Addison. This was kinda surreal. Agnes-our Agnes. The eternal cheerleader. Sweetness and light personified. Well, one day something was going on and Mr. Addison came back from the men's room just soaked for some reason. He was a mess, but I've learned not to ask too many questions where he's concerned. Well, anyhow, he comes back into the office, and suddenly Agnes is just yelling at him about how he can't be mean to her because he's in a bad mood or something. She actually gave it to him with both barrels-I never thought she had it in her! I asked Agnes about it, but she didn't want to discuss it. The rest of us still talk about that day, though.

2. When McGillicuddy let Miss Hayes have it. As surreal as Agnes' blowup was, this was just nuts. I remember we were all getting ready for Christmas… or should I say getting un-ready for Christmas, because the boss lady was making us work straight through the holiday. Anyway, we were all pretty p.o.'ed about it, but of course no one was gonna say anything, especially not to her. Suddenly, though, McGillicuddy hauled off and let her have it as she was walking out the door that morning. Now I'll admit, I thought it was pretty lousy of her to just take off like that while we were actually working for a change, but I would never have said what he said to her. He actually called her "Miss North Wind"!!! Then he quit, right then and there. We were all stunned, but glad somebody told her off. In retrospect, though, it was pretty harsh of him. She's basically an okay lady, if you ask me. I heard her aunt died that day too, so I felt really bad about the whole thing.

3. Mr. Addison was married. We couldn't believe it when Agnes told us! To be honest, before this, I had always thought he might be gay. Handsome, fun guy like that… great dancer too, and yet you never saw him with a girl, if you know what I mean… Well, that blew my theory out of the water. Lost some money on it, too.

4. Mr. Addison trashing his office. Now we all knew something was up in the days before this went down. Out of the blue, Miss Hayes was getting her hair done and shopping in the middle of the day… had a spring in her step. This hunk was suddenly hanging around the office, and you just knew she's had something going on with him. Mr. Addison though--man, what a mess. He was just this wreck of a human being, but was acting just too cool whenever she was around. One day he even asked Agnes to go into his office and pretend that there was a "Monique" on the phone for him--huh?? I really thought the man had lost his mind, and I've got no doubt what caused it. It was totally about her. He was freaking out because she had this other (gorgeous) guy coming around, and he couldn't just ask her out on a simple date already. Well, we were hanging out as usual, and they seemed like they were in the middle of some kind of argument as usual--yelling, doors slamming, in and out of the office and what not...par for the course. Then all of a sudden it got real quiet in her office, and he came out looking really distressed, but he wasn't hollering or anything when he went back into his office. Well, whatever she said to him back there must have been the last straw for Mr. Addison, 'cause you'd have thought a bomb went off in his office with all the noise coming out of there. Glass breaking, furniture crashing, the whole deal. I heard later that he even broke his precious hockey stick. Pretty freaky stuff. Agnes was gonna try and help him clean up, but none of us were getting anywhere near him.

5. Miss Hayes left for Chicago. Just when we thought those two were finally gonna get it together, it all fell apart. I mean, he finally got the nerve up to not only ask her out, but admit he was in love with her, and in front of the whole office! I'd say that was shocking, but we all knew he loved her, and that it was just a matter of time before he made his move. What totally rocked our worlds was that the next day, when we were expecting some great post-date flirtation and banter-not to mention Mr. Addison's play by play, she didn't show up at all! We later found out she had just left him and run off to Chicago. Just like that! I gotta say, I felt bad for the guy, and I was really mad at Miss Hayes-all of the girls were. Any one of us would have killed to have a guy like Mr. Addison falling all over us, but not her. Sheesh!

6. Mr. Addison disappeared and left the business to fall apart. This was beyond weird. First Miss Hayes disappeared, and then Mr. Addison up and left. Word around the office was that he was supposed to be in Chicago visiting Miss Hayes, but Agnes said he never got there. Suddenly, Bert went on this crazy power trip and I was out a nice chunk of free long distance calling! I just couldn't believe Mr. Addison would take off like that without another word. No one could. Sure, he had been acting strangely, but he'd never just take off like that. We all were afraid he might be dead or something. It got pretty ugly back there at the ranch, even when he did get back. The repo men came around and took all the furniture, and we all had to walk out 'til he finally paid us. Truth be told, it was great to be back. I'd really love to know what happened to him, though...

7. Miss Hayes was pregnant. The idea that the boss lady actually got knocked up by God-knows-who was just mind-bending. Was it Mr. Addison's? That hunky guy's? Someone else's? I just couldn't believe she let herself get in the family way. I mean, we're talking about Maddie Hayes here. This was not a woman I could picture at a PTA meeting, you know? It really shattered all of our preconceptions about this woman, to say the least.

8. Miss Hayes was married. As shocking as the pregnancy was, it was nothing compared to when I heard she got married in Las Vegas to some schmuck she met on a train! The least spontaneous woman imaginable had a quicky wedding in Vegas to some guy she knew, what, a day? Some guy who wasn't Mr. Addison, no less! Wonder if Elvis presided over the ceremony...

9. Walter Bishop was the guy she married. When this little guy came strolling in carrying that ridiculous rocking chair which, by the way, was so not Ms. Hayes' style, I had to do everything in my power not to crack up on the spot. I mean, come on! He seemed like a nice enough guy, and I might have gone out with him myself, but between him, Mr. Addison and that hottie that came through here a few months ago, this guy definitely did not fit Miss Hayes' profile!

10. Mr. Addison was dating Miss Hayes cousin. Okay, this blew me away. We all knew he was crazy about Miss Hayes, despite all of her weirdness. And we all knew that he was basically a good, decent guy. So why in God's name would he not only endanger his relationship with Miss Hayes, but be such a jerk as to date her cousin right under her nose?! Especially after she just lost her baby and everything. Oh, and just between you and me.. and Agnes... and Inez... and McGillicuddy... and a few other people-- the word around the water cooler was that she was married!! I couldn't believe Mr. Addison would pull something like that in a million years! It seemed like from that point on, nothing made sense. I mean Mr. Addison without Miss Hayes? It's like a day without sunshine or a night without darkness. Everything seemed to be turned upside down, and we were just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kris isn't the only one keeping score here. By popular request, the rest of the staff has compiled a "Greatest Hits" list from the fruits of their eavesdropping efforts at Blue Moon Investigations. Now remember, this list is from incidences that the staff would have overheard, which means that for something to be on this list, it would have had to have happened at work or with someone from work present who would have reported it back to the others. Agnes had to disqualify herself from this one because she has access to a lot more juicy juicy info than most of us. Besides, she is saving her commentrary for her diary. And with Agnes not participating, Bert thought it best if he let the rest of the staff speak their minds here.

Blue Moon Eavesdroppers' TOP 10 Greatest Hits
(AKA The Juiciest Things Overheard at Blue Moon Investigations)

By Jamie, Inez, McGillicuddy, Jergenson, O'Neill, & Simmons
angriest fight  naughtiest comment   most intimate conversation
Biggest surprise  he wanted to talk to her about their kiss  They were hilarious arguing about calling the police
1. The nastiest fight between the bosses. Most of us agree it was during the episode Sam and Dave: When Mr. Addison wanted Ms. Hayes to go on the stakeout with him during the Johnson/McLafferty case, and she said no because she had a dinner date with her old beau Sam who was in town. We sorta think he knew she had plans and was pushing to find out. Then when he did, he was hurt that she wouldn't break them to be with him. Under any other circumstances he would not have been upset about casework or her having to miss the surveillance. It was WHY she was going to miss it that caused that reaction in him The door slam on this one was about a 9.9 on the Richter scale.
2. The most ridiculous thing the bosses fought over. We can name about a hundred things they would argue about, but the most ridiculous argument we ever heard them have was something about poetry, Tinkerbelle and leprauchans. None of us have any clue what provoked the disagreement here, but the leprauchan part we're pretty sure came from something to do with that odd little Irish client, Miss Kilpatrick in Somewhere Under the Rainbow.
3. The naughtiest comment said between the bosses. He was always saying something naughty to and about her, and all of us could tell she actually really liked it when he did even though she tried to act like she was offended. On thinking back, the naughtiest is probably that comment he made during the episode The Man Who Cried Wife when she was bent over on the floor looking for that dropped check. We are all stunned that his very suggestive, lewd, innuendo-laden comment ("Did you lose something? You praying? Or have you finally come to your senses?") made it past the censors.
4. The most intimate comments between the two. Something very personal was going on in the conversation between our bosses that morning In To Heiress Human after Mr. Addison breezed into the office as happy as a clam singing Double Shot at the top of his lungs. Miss Hayes stuck her head out of her office and called him in there PDQ, and she looked downright embarrassed about the whole thing. A couple of water glasses to the door told us that something pretty special had happened the night before between the two of them. We overheard such intimate comments as : "I don't know how I feel," she stated. His reply, "Take if from me, you feel great." Later when he found out that Sam had left earlier that same night, we sorta put two and two together and knew we were on the right track.
5. The best secret revealed by one or the other: Well, some of us agree with Kris that it was that Mr. Addison had once been married. However, the majority rules here and the majority votes for that Miss Hayes was knocked up. When we all heard, we immediately started an office pool to pick just when and where we thought he had knocked her up. You see, hardly anyone actually thought that astronaut had been around long enough to have done this deed, but Mr. Addison....well.... To determine a winner of our pool, we had Bert ask Mr. Addison a few weeks after this big news broke, and no suprise here, he honestly wasn't sure. You see, just as we always suspected with our two bosses, once they started doing it, they did it so much and with such finesse that....well, needless to say we couldn't fault him for not knowing where and when. But he did list some pretty interesting possibilites, and what Bert reported back kept the office talking for days!
6. The juiciest telephone conversation we heard took place We owe Bert Viola for this piece of news. In Eek! a spouse Mr. Addison took a call in front of Bert early early one morning after an all-nighter case wherein clearly Miss Hayes was checking on him to see where he was and wanting to get him to admit how upset he was that she was married. Bert says he excused himself and went outside the office door so that Mr. Addison could have some privacy, but boy something potent must have taken place in that conversation because Bert says Mr. Addison slammed that phone down hard on her in the middle of the conversation, and his eyes were burning.
7. The biggest lies they told each other. During Tracks of My Tears, Eek! a Spouse and Maddie Hayes Got Married: She wins this one hands down. We all knew she was lying through her teeth about the father of her baby. We can do the math. We know what she and Mr. Addison were up to before she flew to Chicago in a tizzy. We suspected she had been having morning sickness that week before she left. And then about a month or so after she splits for Chicago, we hear she is in a family way!! What did she think we all were...stupid? Mr. Addison also did quite a bit of lying about this time too. When she came back from Chicago married and told him, he tried to act like it was no big deal, but we all knew he was devasted. Mr. Addison was delighted to think she was carrying his baby, and he wanted to marry her and live happily ever after; we all knew it. So to keep her from knowing how devastated he was, he lied about it. A great big whopper...but not as bad as her cruel lie to him.
8.The funniest thing we saw our bosses do. Most of us agree...this was the day Mr. Addison mocked Miss Hayes in front of the staff. He did it right behind her back so she never knew. She was lecturing him all the way across the office while he was aping her all the way. It was hilarious!! (My Fair David) We also died laughing at them that day they argued about calling the police to report that found baby. (Twas the Episode Before Christmas) He mocked her by repeating everything she said, and she was really fuming at him. But the madder she got, the more smart alecky and funnier he got. This whole thing took place right in front of all of us, and it was like watching a Marx Brothers movie or something. Those two are hilarious!
9.The sweetest thing the two bosses ever said to each other: She never said very many intimate things to and about him in front of any of us, but several times in private conversations with Agnes, she did say some very loving comments about him. But since Agnes has her own comments elsewhere, we can't list those here. However, all of us eavesdropped on that first day back from summer vacation (The Son Also Rises) when they had been apart from each other for about two weeks. We couldn't wait to see their reactions to being back and seeing each other. It was so sweet when she told him she had missed him. And we could hear that smirk of his in his voice when he asked her to repeat it by pretending he didn't hear her. All of us were smiling and elbowing each other outside her door when that little exchange was going on. But the most intimate conversation we ever witnessed was that day in front of the whole office (A Trip to the Moon) when Mr. Addison made his very big and very public announcement to her declaring his love and his intentions to have a relationship with her...that caused a lot of excitement and a lot of swooning in the office. And we didn't even have to eavesdrop for that one!! It was really special. All of us women thought it was so brave of him and so adorable. All of us men thought he was in over his head but applauded his effort in going for it in such a big way.
10. The most romantic thing we heard take place behind those closed doors There have been several tender moments we have overheard, a couple of kisses, hugs, snuggles, etc. We can always tell when something like that is going on in one of their offices because the yelling, talking, etc. stops and things get really quiet. And then when one or both of them exit, they have that look in their eye. One of the earliest romantic moments we witnessed was that morning after he reappeared following his disappearance after that elderly client was found dead (Witness for the Execution). He stuck his head out of his washroom to talk to her and his office door was cracked open so we heard everything they said. It seems they must have shared a kiss in the garage, because each of them wanted the other to talk about it and then when he tried, she shut him down. Good Lord! Can you believe how silly they acted? All of us thought he should have just grabbed her then and there and laid another great big one on her.

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Thank you so much to Hazel Hart for contributing Kris' Top 10 List. Great insights. Lotsa fun.

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