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Fans' Captions for 2004
For December 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: Maddie--"David! When I said come in and make yourself comfortable, surely you didn't think I meant this!"
  • By Lee: David--"Hey, Maddie. Think you can lend me a twenty? Seems I came up a little short this week."
  • By Renee: Maddie--"I guess I was wrong about you wearing your heart on your sleeve..."
  • By Mike: David--"I told you the air conditioning needed to be fixed, but would you listen...NOOOO, you wouldn't listen."
  • By Karen C: Maddie--"Maybe you didn't get the memo. We cancelled Casual Fridays last week."
  • By Tazmania: David--"So, what are you waiting for Maddie? Now is your chance!"
  • By MaryAnn: David--"What's a matter, Maddie? Disappointed that I don't go commando?"
  • By Brett: Maddie--"Fine. Stay dressed like that. I am not shocked. This is the most clothes I have seen you in all weekend!"
  • By Charles C: Maddie--"The x-ray vison is not so great!!!"
  • By Phillip: David--"Hey, from my point of view, I'd say one of us is overdressed."
  • By Cathy F: Maddie--"I'm sorry David, but there will be no quickies on the desk today. We have too much work to do!"
  • By Jack: Maddie--"There's no reason to be mad, David. I won that round of strip poker fair and square!"
  • By Cece: Maddie--"I really feel I need something bigger. I meant the MONITOR, David!"
  • By Russ: Maddie--"What! No "foreplay"?"
  • By Sandy (aka kismet): David--"C'mon Maddie, you know that boxers let my "boys" breathe -- in case we want to procreate."
  • By Larry: David--"I told ya Maddie I had a heart on for you!"
For November 2004
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Thanks to Carina13 for capturing the photo.
  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"Great disguise you picked out Agnes. Too bad I am not doing surveillance down at the Taco Bell."
  • By Lee: David--"The Blue Moon Bandito at your service, ma'am."
  • By Renee: Agnes--"Don't worry, Mr. Addison. Miss Hayes won't be able to tell you've been drinking tequila all night!"
  • By Mike: David--"Watch as I fool Miss Dipesto into thinking I am a gringo needing a detective."
  • By Karen C: David--"Doncha just hate ethnic sterotypes on TV shows!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"Hola everybody! It's me old Davio, going to see if the grande blonde wants to do a little Samba with me! Arriba!!"
  • By MaryAnn: David--"Hey Agnes, I'm gonna be in my office. Don't wake me until Cinco de Mayo."
  • By Phillip: Agnes--"Mr. Addison? I didn't know you were bilingual!"
  • By Cathy F: David--"Hide me quick! Here comes immigration!"
  • By Jack: David--"Hey it's 2 for 1 margaritas down at Paco's Tacos tonight! Who's with me?"
  • By Cece: David--"Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo."
  • By Russ: David--"I have always heard that women just love Latino lovers! Do you think Maddie will go for this?"
  • By Larry: David--"Miss Dipesto please hold all my calls. I need to see if Miss Hayes has a pair of maracas she could shake for our little Mexican dance I have planned this afternoon in my office."
For October 2004
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Thanks to Carina13 for capturing the photo.
  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: Maddie---"Hmmmm...I seem to have misplaced my detective partner. I wonder where I left him?"
  • By Ruth S: David--"Can you believe she hasn't figured out yet that I am right behind her? I knew she was a real blonde."
  • By Tazmania: David--"MMM, where exactly do you want me to scratch on your back?" Maddie--"Well......why don't you do all of it!"
  • By Lee: Maddie--"hmmmmm. Why do I have this weird feeling that someone is looking over my shoulder?"
  • By MaryAnn: Maddie--"Does he really think he is pulling something over on me? I know he is right back there, just grinning like a Chesire cat."
  • By Tim L: David--"Simon says, "Touch your finger to your chin." Good. Now Simon says "Rip off all your clothes."
  • By Dan: Maddie -- (thinking) "I need to get rid of this zit that's bothering me." David -- (thinking) "She needs to get rid of that zit. It's bothering me."
  • By Sandy: Maddie--"Your place or mine tonight?" David: "How about the couch in my office?"
  • By Renee: Maddie--"Now let's see. Wonder where the office went? It was just here a minute ago."
For September 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: Maddie--"And just what pray tell makes you think I have PMS???"
  • By Ruth S: Maddie--"Good thing we are at this hospital and there is a bed nearby, cause THAT is where you are going to be spending your honeymoon night if you don't stop flirting with those nurses!"
  • By Tazmania: Maddie--"I told ya I love ya, I'm telling ya I love ya, and I will tell you again! But please don't step on my dress!!"
  • By Lee: Maddie--"You bet I am upset!! That doctor just told me that we are having triplets!"
  • By Maryann: Maddie--"DAVID ADDISON! You did this to me!! I'm six months pregnant and in my wedding dress. So what do you have to say for yourself?!"
  • By Dan: Maddie -- "Addison!!! I can't elope with you!!!"
    David -- "Why not? You got nice melons."
  • By MaryLou: Maddie--"I can't believe I let you talk me into this. One of us is sleeping on the couch tonight, and guess who that is!"
  • By Sandy: Maddie--"I told you I love you...NOW GET OUT!"
  • By Renee: Maddie--"Mad?? What me? Why on earth would you think I was mad?"
For August 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"Hey Maddie...keep smiling and stay right where you are...a few more minutes more of this and there will really be something to smile about!"
  • By Lee: David--"Look what Santa brought me!"
  • By Karen C.: Maddie and David--"Cheeeeeeese! Now get that damn camera out of here!"
  • By Tazmania: David thinks--"Ooooh, sexy! I can't feel a bra!"
  • By Randy A.: David--"Wonder how fast I can wrestle that dress off her?"
  • By Tazmania: Maddie and David both--"We bet you guys soooooooo wanna know what we are going to do next!"
  • By Carina: David--"Oh yeah, Maddie, I like you when you feel like groping! But right now... we got company, so smile!!" Maddie: "You... you... Grrrrr! You're not getting away with this, Addison, I promise you that! Wait and you'll see!!!"
  • By Sandy: "Merry Christmas to all, and to us, it's going to be a VERY good night."
  • By BJ: David thinks--"Wonder how long it will be before she realizes I'm copping a feel?"
  • By Gena: David--"See ladies and gentleman. Our new toothpaste gives you white teeth and a little something extra."
  • By Dan: David--"Fight? What Fight? As you can see we get along perfectly, right Maddie?" Maddie--"Yes, David...All those rumors are so untrue!"
  • By Chris: David--"See what'd I tell you, I knew she'd come around."
  • By Lucy: David--"Now this is one time I don't mind working late at the office!!"
  • By Darlene: Maddie--"You better smile, Addison. Opportunities like this don't come along very often!"
  • By Smith: David--"Blondes do have more fun! And so do the men with them!!"
  • By Bonnie P: David--"I'm so glad I forgot to put pants on this morning."
For July 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: O'Neill thinks--"This is a pretty cool job...a decent paycheck, health insurance, no work, AND I get to watch these two in heat all day!"
  • By Lee: DiPesto--"Come on already. Let's see some tongue!"
  • By Karen C.: DiPesto--"I guess all that time and money spent on anger management has finally paid off."
  • By Tazmania: Maddie thinks--"I want you and I want you NOW!" David thinks--"If we were alone right now I'd......"
  • By Angelica: David--"You really wanna know what I think? I think you're dying for a kiss, sooo dying for it!!!" Maddie--"Ok, here I am. See??? See???You don't make me nervous... at all!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"God I love her perfume! I could sniff that beautiful neck all day!" Maddie--"C'mon sniff me from head to toe!!"
  • By Sandy: Maddie--"I hate you, David Addison." David--"I hate you too, Maddie Hayes. I've always hated just kiss me, kiss me, kiss me."
  • By Carina: Maddie--"David, what is that smell? What did you eat?" David--"Oh, Maddie, I always knew that deep inside you had such a romantic spirit..."
  • By BJ: Maddie thinks--"He better hurry up and get those hands out of his pockets and on to me, 'cause I am not about to make the first move!"
  • By Gena--It's July 4th people, but don't look outside. All the fireworks are gonna be right in here!
  • By Carina: Miss DiPesto--"I'm so sick and tired, of you two fighting your mutual desire. So spare us this gloom, and please, pleeease get a room!!!"
  • By Dan: Maddie--"Is that your hand in your pocket or are you glad to see me?" David--"Yes!"
  • By Chris: David--"Hey lady, I was standing here first, but for a small fee, maybe we can work something out."
  • By Darlene: David--"If you think I am going to be the one to kiss first after what you said about me in your book, well then you've got another thing coming!"
  • By Bonnie P: Maddie--"Is that a banana in your pocket or you just happy to see me?"
For June 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"Tastes great." Maddie--"Less filling." David--"TASTES GREAT!" Maddie--"LESS FILLING!"
  • By Anon: David--"Hey, eyes front and center! Aren't you supposed to be driving??"
  • By Gena: David--"Hey Maddie, I know my eyes are gorgeous, but you MIGHT want to look at the road."
  • By Michele: David--"I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!"
  • By Suzy: David--"Fine. So I didn't put the toilet seat down. Wanna make something of it?"
  • By Steph, Jr. Editor: David--"Second Verse, same as the first! I'm Henry the VIII I am..." Maddie: "Would you knock that off!"
  • By Lucy: David--"You are gonna get such a whippin' when we get home!"
  • By Natascha: "Wanna play "Who blinks first?"
  • By Bob: Maddie--"You can yell at me all you want, David Addison. But we are NOT doing surveillance tonight at the Pussy Cat Strip Club!"
  • By Elena: David--"I was not yelling!! You wanna see YELLING, I'll show you yelling!!"
  • By May: David--"So you don't believe me? How do you know I wasn't at the library last night until 3 in the morning?"
  • By Mark: David--"Ok, ok, I get the point. No more blonde jokes."
  • By Mark: David--"Look I won fair and square. Rock beats scissors, I don't care how mad you get."
  • By Marylou: David--"Maddie! I am sorry. It was dark. How did I know you were going to end up with a hickey the size of Texas!"
  • By Lilly: David--"Sure we can yell and fight first...but then we gotta get naked and have make up sex."
For May 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: Maddie--"Sure buster...sleep peacefully. You're not the one who just discovered we tore my diaphragm last night.
  • By Chris: Maddie--"Thank God! I have FINALLY worn him out and now I can get a decent night's sleep!
  • By Anon: Maddie--"Hmmmm--I wonder if he is ticklish?"
  • By Gena: Maddie--"I must've had a lot of liquor last night!"
  • By Michele: Maddie--"Oh my lord! What was I thinking?"
  • By Natascha: Maddie--"Boy! What's that smell?! Did he.......????"
  • By Steph, Jr. Editor: Maddie--"I knew his lifestyle would catch up to him eventually...I just didn't think his heart would give out now..."
  • By Lucy: Maddie--"I bet he turns into a huge bed hog!"
  • By Rachel: Maddie thinks--"Do I dare wake him up or do I just let this sleeping dog lie?"
  • By Bob: Maddie--"Well! I take this to mean he isn't interested in hearing anymore stories about my childhood!"
  • By Elena: Maddie--"I guess it's a good thing he fell asleep. That was the last condom in the box!"
  • By Francie: Maddie--"Ok, so I have at last discovered something he is really, really, really good at."
  • By Curt: Maddie--"hmmmmm. Maybe I should start thinking about going back on the Pill."
  • By Natascha: Maddie--"I don't know how he does that!? But six times is a record for me!"
  • By May: Maddie thinks--"Dear Cosmo: Why do men always fall asleep right after sex? That is when I want to cuddle."
  • By Mark: Maddie--"Hey, where did my Casanova go? Now he acts more like Rip Van Winkle."
  • By Lilly: Maddie--"I'll bet he'll think he deserves a big raise after that!"
  • By Anthony: Maddie--"Why didn't I remind him to wax his back?"
April 2004
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"...And then the first player to hit a ball in a pocket gets to watch while the other player takes off all their clothes..."
  • By Mary: David--"Hey lady, wanna try out my stick?"
  • By anon: David--"Of course I will let you go first. That way when you bend over the table, I can get a good look down the front of your dress."
  • By Chris: Maddie--"Now what were you saying about where you want to stick that thing..."
  • By Rochelle: Maddie--"Just chalk it up to experience, David! You play; you pay!"
  • By Leigh: Maddie--"I bet you are wondering how good I am at handling a stick, aren't you?"
  • By Steve W: Maddie--"You sure you know how to use that thing?"
  • By Sandy: Maddie--"I love to "play pool". I learned way back in '71. It was a small town in Texas, and I was plenty bored...."  (The webmaster: Isn't this clever? Sandy was afraid it might be too inside, but I think all Cybill's fans will figure it out.)
  • By Dan: David--"I only play with 2 may keep the other 13."
  • By Jane: David--"I'll chalk your stick if you'll chalk mine."
  • By Jane: David--"Yeah, it's called 10 ball. After you sink the first 8 ... you get to take the last two home for a special game."
  • By Diggy: Maddie--"Hmmmmmmm, I wonder how he would look with one eye?"
  • By Natascha: Maddie--"I know you got "sticky fingers"! Now show it to me!"
  • By Natascha: David--"Hey Blondie, did you ever do it on a green sheet??"
March 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"Sayest 'Uncle-eth!'"
  • By Mary: David--"I think I like this Shakespeare stuff--you flat on your back and me on top!"
  • By anon: David--"Now what were you saying about you being the boss?"
  • By Chris: Maddie--"How many times do I have to tell you, no making love on the tile floor! On the carpet, yes, the tile floor, no!"
  • By Rochelle: David--"It's now or never hold still while I plant a BIG one on you!"
  • By Rochelle: David--Swish ye yuk-mouth first with Listerine me love, the sting... tis overpowering thee!
  • By Leigh: Maddie--"Methinkest thy courting manners leavest much to be desired."
  • By Steve W: Maddie--"Is that a pistol in thy pocket, or is thee just happy to see me?"
  • By Dan: David--"Wouldeth you like to see me shaketh my speare?"
  • By Jane: David--"Now, for the last time ... who looks better in tights?"
  • By Jane: Maddie--"Don't get mad at me, David. I told you to ask for Maurice when you went to my hairdresser."
  • By Chris C: David--"This damn codpiece is made of steel."
    Maddie--"Yeah well, I'm just glad I wore my Ironmaiden-form girdle."
  • By Natascha: Maddie--"Stop looking at me! Kiss me, stupid!"
February 2004
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: Agnes--"Don't you people have anything else to do??? Like get out of my way so I can hear better!!"
  • By Sandy: "I think that one was SMACK DAB ON THE MAMBOS!"
  • By Mary: Bert--"O'Neill, would you stop panting so loud. You're making more noise than they are."
  • By anon: Agnes--"So who's winning--him or her?" Bert--"I'd say BOTH of them, Agnes."
  • By Chris T: Agnes--"And you people call yourselves detectives! Didn't anybody think to bring a water glass?"
  • By Lisa: Agnes--"It's a good thing Miss Hayes and Mr. Addison are too busy with each other to see what all of you are up to...."
  • By JR: Agnes--"So this is what you people do for entertainment!".
  • By Mitch R: ABC just couldn't figure out where all the leaks to the National Enquirer were coming from...
  • By Sharon: David (from behind the closed door)-- "Ummmmm, Maddie. It's ok, we are both consenting adults and how are the employees ever gonna know? They are out there--noses to the grindstone, hard at work, busy worker bees, just doing their jobs. No one will ever know."
  • By Rochelle: "Shhhh. Hee-hee-hee David's howling; Maddie has him by the balls. That'll teach him to moonlight!"
  • By Jane: Bert--"This'd be so much easier if David had convinced Maddie to install that spy hole."
  • By Jane: David--(listening at the door on the other side) "Maddie ... shhh! I think we have mice!"
January 2004
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"Hey Maddie, where'd you put my Mr. Bubble?"
  • By Sandy: David--"I'm warning you, DON'T go in there! I had tacos for lunch."
  • By Mary: Maddie--"So. Fancy meeting you here."
  • By anon: David--"Hold it a minute, Maddie. Isn't it MY turn to wear that green dress?"
  • By Chris T: David--"Yes, I rinsed out the sink. Yes, I put the toilet seat down. Anything else, Mom?"
  • By Lisa: David--"But Maddie, you can't fire me cause I used up all the hot water!"
  • By JR: David--"Hey, lady. Wanna get wet and wild?"
  • By JR: David--"So what do you say we try to save water and shower together next time?"
  • By Mitch: David--"Don't you think it's a good idea if I came in and scrubbed your back?"
  • By Michael: David--"Wait! Don't go in there yet. Give me about 5 more minutes. The bathroom web cam isn't quite hooked up yet."
  • By Sharon: David--"Hey baby. Now that I am all clean, can I get dirty with you again?"
  • By Rochelle: David--"Hey Maddie, if you bend over and touch your toes...mmmm, It will make a great pose. Lights, camera, actionnnnn!
  • By Rochelle: David--"Dangit Maddie, if I told you once I tell you starchin' towels!"
  • By Jane: David--"Maddie, when I asked you to get me something to wear, I didn't mean from your closet!
  • By Jane: David--"I'll use a pink towel but I draw the line on a dress and pumps.
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