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Fans' Captions for 2002
For Dec 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"Opportunity knocks, but sometimes its backwards and has a sense of humor."
  • By Lori S: Maddie--"David, I don't think this position is EVER going to work for me."
  • By Steve H: Maddie--"Oww!! David! Get off!! You're hurting me!" David (to the audience)--"Trust me, that wasn't what she was saying last night!"
  • By Wendy M: David--"Quick somebody go get a camera. I finally got her down on her back with her legs up."
  • By Lee W: Maddie--"No offense, David, but if this is your idea of foreplay, count me out. "
  • By Paul M: David--"I guess we should try to get our money back from those Fred Astaire Studio Dance Lessons we paid for, huh?"
  • By Debbie D: David--"Let's try this again and maybe I will get lucky and land facing the other way!"

For Nov 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: Much to the fans disappointment, after two years of anticipation, Maddie and David finally slept together.
  • By Lori S: The Blue Moon surveillance technique left much to be desired.
  • By Steve H: Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a first time for everything. Hayes and Addison spending the night together, and they actually end up getting some sleep.
  • By Wendy M: Is it live or is it Sominex?
  • By Lee W: David and Maddie didn't realize it at the time, but leering just outside the door was the National Enquirer trying to catch the two of them sleeping together.
  • By Paul M: Maddie and David attend the PI Surveillance seminar.
  • By Debbie D: Maddie and David reading these silly jokes.
  • By Ross T: While waiting for the next new episode, the actors found a great way to pass the time.
For Oct 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"Would you relax? I'm just window shopping!"
  • By Lori S: David--"Now here is one of the real perks for working at Blue Moon."
  • By Steve H: Maddie--"David, what on earth are you doing?" David--"Private investigating. Or investigating privates. Take your pick.
  • By Wendy M: Maddie--"Now David, don't get fresh!" David--"Fresh? Fresh? You think this is fresh? Wait 'til I squeeze your melons!"
  • By Lee W: David--"Yep, I guess I really am a leg man. And speaking of gams, this is one fine specimen."
  • By Paul M: David--"Mighty nice thigh you have there, partner. Mind if I rip that skirt a bit higher so I can get a better look?"
  • By Debbie D: David--"Next time do you think you could wear fishnets for me? Not that I am complaining or anything."
  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"Do you think this was what that feminist bitch Susan Faludi was referring to when she said our show exploited women and that I was a sexist pig? Nah, couldn't be!"

For Sept 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: It became apparent to the cast that the network was getting ready to cancel the show once they started cutting the costuming budget.
  • By Lee W, "Afraid that Blue Moon was going to start staff layoffs, the trio of Viola, Simmons and Jergenson started practicing for a new career as male strippers."
  • By Diane H, "Bert, Jergenson, and Simmons give a new meaning to the term "casual Friday" (not to mention Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)."
  • By Wendy M, "Cybill and Bruce had gotten sick of all the National Enquirer reporters hanging around the set, so the rest of the cast decided to help them out and give the Enquirer something new to write about."
  • By Luther B, "You can bet that the Annual Show Us Your Skivvies Day at Blue Moon was NOT Miss Hayes idea."
  • By Chris C., "Moonlighting is being brought to you this week by our sponsor, Fruit of the Loom."
  • By Lori S., "These three Blue Moon workers decided to moonlight as male underwear models for the new Sears catalog."
  • By Henry B. Bert--"Somehow I don't think the three of us sitting around here half-dressed was what the network had in mind when it told the producers to show more sex during February sweeps."
For Aug 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"Hey O'Neill, I guess you and I are the only two here who didn't have money invested in Enron."
  • By Lee W, "When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun."
  • By Debbie D., David--"Glad to see someone else around here got the memo that said come to work wearing a stupid party hat. I was beginning to think I was being singled out."
  • By Wendy M., David--"Hey, wait a minute. I'm one of the bosses and you're just an employee. How come you get a better hat and that blowout?"
  • By Luther B., David--"If you blow that thing in my ear one more time, you are either fired or we're gonna have to get married, cause it is starting to feel kinda good."
  • By Paul M., David--"Let me guess, O'Neill. Your long shot at Santa Anita in the fourth just came in...or you just found out that the liquor store down the street is having a two-for-one sale on Jim Beam."
  • By Lori S, "Maddie wonders what these two have been smoking and if they happened to have shared it with any of the other staff."
  • By Sharon L., "Addison and O'Neill go undercover at the local day care center."

For July 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: Bert--"Mr. Addison, I can't believe I ate the whole thing." David--"Yeah, and I can't believe you and your two-ton ass are flopped on my couch. That's why I'm looking up the number of the furniture store it came from. I think it's time to get a new one."
  • By Patrica L: David--"I think it's time you went on a diet, and I find the phone number for a new agent. How come you get all the funny bits now?"
  • By Lee W: David--"See? It says right here. Inflate to 200psi."
  • By Gena: David--"We lost a lot of money when we filmed that balloon scene. Next time, let's fill you with air instead."
  • By Adam L: David--"Bert, either you have put on a few pounds or a few months from now you and Agnes will be picking out baby furniture and calling Ripley's Believe it or Not."
  • By Rick A: Bert--"Mr. Addison, why do I have to be the one who does all the dumb gag scenes now?" David--"Because I'm your boss and this one is really beneath me! Besides you'll look better in a pink maternity blouse than I would. Pastels don't do a thing for me."
  • By Lana L: David--"My advice to you at this point Viola is two simple words--Alka Seltzer."
  • By Wendy M: David--"And then the papa bear said to the mama bear, "Who's been eating my porridge?" Bert--"Can you possibly pick another story, Mr. Addison? I just don't want to hear about any kind of food right now."
  • By Luther B: David--"Look, you need to get up. If you stay there much longer, you're gonna fall asleep and when you wake up you're gonna discover that someone has come in and painted the word 'Goodyear' on your side."
  • By Alice K: David--"Sorry, Bert. It really does say right here in the script that you get to pretend to be my LaMaze partner, and I get to make smartass comments at your expense."
For June 2002
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  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"I take back what I said earlier at the office about how I really wanted you to get off my back. Now I can see that might not be such a bad thing at all!"
  • By Patricia L: Maddie--"Giddyup!" David--"How come when we play horsey, I never get a turn?"
  • By Krista G: Maddie--"ADDISON! Give me back that paternity test result!"
  • By Jessie L: David--"Love the attitude, but not so crazy about the position, babe."
  • By Debbie D: David--"Maddie, what are you doing? And can I do this to you next?"
  • By Julie L: David--"Did you get tired of walking? Or is this just your way of letting me know you're in the mood?"
  • By Doug F: David--"While you are there, reach into my pocket and pull out a pen. I want to take notes. I think this may be a new one for the Kama Sutra."
  • By Paul S: David--"Hey Lady, what do I look like down here, a bed? Second thought, you, me, a bed, I could get into that."
  • By Sunny R: David--"Yippee-ki-yay!" (ok, so I couldn't resist. Sorry. It just seemed so obvious.) Maddie--"Wrong movie, sweetheart!"
  • By Marsha W: David--"Did I miss something? Shouldn't we have to be married or something for you to be carrying on like this?"
  • By Lee W: David--"Hey, if you want me to give you a ride, you need to say 'Pretty Please' and you need to take those clothes off."
  • By Robert K: David--"I love it when you beg!"
  • By Gena: David--"Pact, shmact. I knew you couldn't resist me!"

For May 2002
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Captions Submitted:
  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: David--"Whoa Maddie, you are the daring one! It is broad daylight, along a busy street and you just can't get enough of me--not that I am complaining, of course."
  • By Rob H: David--"Do you think you could find another place to put your knee? Where it is right now sorta kills the mood."
  • By Becky R: Maddie--"Addison!! You planned this didn't you? You knew we would end up like this if we tried to play twister in this phone booth."
  • By Julie L: David--"I think I actually like this. And I would like it even better if we could get rid of some of these clothes between us."
  • By Tina: David--"Not now Maddie, we're in the middle of a chase scene!"
  • By Jessie L: David--"Now this is more like it!! I think I'm gonna like working on this case with you."
  • By Brad S: David--"See? I knew you were one of those women who liked to be on top!"
  • By Cathy W: Maddie--"Don't you dare enjoy this! And that had better be a pistol in your pocket!"
  • By Debbie D: David--"Now this is more like it! But I just have to ask, what took you so long?"
  • By Tracey W: Maddie--"Sorry to knock you down but I see a penny there and you know I need all the luck I can get these days!"
For April 2002
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Captions Submitted:
  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: "When forced to actually watch the fifth season episodes of their show, Maddie and David can hardly contain their excitement!"
  • By Rob H: Maddie--"Oh my God David!! They really expect us to make 22 episodes in a season!"
  • By Sandy S: Maddie--"Triplets, doctor?!?!?! All boys, doctor?!?!?!? You mean three little David Addisons in my life?!?!?! God help me!!" David--"YES!! A triple shot of my baby love."
  • By Becky R: Maddie & David--"The National Enquirer said what about us?!"
  • By Julie L: "At Blue Moon Investigations, the Annual Statement of Operations got a big response from the stockholders."
  • By Jessie L: Maddie & David to their Producers: "Oh No! You're serious! We are moving to Sunday nights!"
  • By Cathy W: Maddie--"Oh no! They've sent down another revision of this episode's script." David--"How can you tell? We hadn't had time to learn the other one's lines yet."
  • By Debbie D: Maddie and David meet Maddie's new neighbors, The Osbornes.

For March 2002
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Captions Submitted:
  • By Cindy K, Webmaster: Maddie--"David! Looking for something? David--"Hey, from this angle, whatever it was, it was certainly worth losing."
  • By Diane H: David--"Do you surrender, dear?"
  • By Becky R: Maddie--"David! This is no time for you to take a nap." David--"Then how about you curl up here next to me and we both take one."
  • By Lisa S: Maddie--"David, what are you doing down there? David--"The mind reels at the possibilities..."
  • By Robert R: David--"Simon says, hands in the air. Good, you do know how to play this game. Now Simon says take off your blouse."
  • By Jessie L: Maddie--"May I ask what you are doing down there?" David--"Can't you tell? I'm looking for your lost virginity. I thought I'd start by returning to the scene of the crime."
  • By Lee Mc: Maddie--"David, is there something I can help you with?" David--"I thought you'd never ask!."
  • By Betsy R: David--"Maddie, you can put your hands down. This is not a stick up. But it could become one if you go for that sort of thing."
  • By Steve H: Maddie--"David Addison! If you don't sit up, take your hand off my thigh and start behaving, this website may lose its Net Nanny safe rating."
For February 2002
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Captions Submitted:
  • By Cindy K: David--"So, Maddie, can we dine in or carry out?"
  • By Diane H: David--"Have you got the shoes and the bag to go with this?"
  • By Becky R: David--"How come I've never seen you in this?" Maddie--"Maybe that's because the one time I did wear it, you had it off me so fast, I figured what was the point!"
  • By Lisa S: David--"Not that I am complaining, but I never took you for a Frederick's of Hollywood kind of girl."
  • By Robert R: David--"If you promise to wear this tonight when you come over, I promise you won't have to wear it for long."
  • By Tina M: David--"Does this make my butt look big?"
  • By Jessie L: David--"Have you been saving this to wear for me for a special occasion and if so can I put in an order for the garter belt and stockings too?"
  • By Bobbie: David--"I always said I bet you look great in black. Now is the time to test my theory."
  • By Phillip: David--"Hey, I have an idea for tonight. How about just the three of us--you, me and this little number?"
  • By Lee Mc: David--"So, how did you know that my favorite color was black and my favorite hobby involves you and this?"
  • By Betsy R: David--"Maddie! What on earth do you plan to do with this and are you taking requests?"
  • By Lori H: David--"How about this! We came here looking for a clue and instead we find the real you!"
  • By Steve H: David--"I think I've found the perfect outfit for you to wear to work tomorrow. What do you think?"
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