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Here are photos from the show. Although I am sure we all know what is really going on in the scene, now it's your turn to be funny. Submit you own whacky caption for these photos. Remember the rules are: Email using the link under each picture to submit a caption of your own. Also tell me the name to credit it to. If it makes me giggle and isn't downright x-rated, it goes up here. (Now don't go getting me in trouble...keep it somewhat respectable ya'll!! The rule is--if they said it or did it on "Moonlighting", it makes the cut for taste; if they didn't it probably won't be posted here.)

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"What's fine about that? You been spending too much time on Maddie's section. You folks send me your RAW material, and I'll make it cook.

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NEW!! For June 2005
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"I'd like to propose a toast to our upcoming blessed event. Nothing says good lovin', like a bun in the oven! "
  • By Pat: Maddie--"Ok David, you can make a toast...but remember this is TV, so no vulgar limericks, please."
  • By Lori M: David--"So the company must be doing better that we can afford champagne now." Maddie--"Well, I hate to break this to you David, but this isn't's just plain old ginger ale."
  • By Martin: David--"Here's to the writers. May they continue to give me all the best lines."
  • By Gena H: David--"There's a really cool guy that does a commercial for this stuff..."
  • By Lee: David (thinks)--"Oh, oh. She is giving me champagne and is smiling at me. She's either lit already or she is about to ask me to do something I don't want to do..."
  • By Sandy: David--"Here's to twenty more years of fighting, loving, kissing, slapping, hugging, screaming, hidden trysts, and slamming doors. Let's hope it never stops because it's what I live for."
  • By Russ B: David (thinks)--"Maybe if I keep plying her with champagne, she will start taking off all her clothes..."
  • By Tonya: David--"Here's to me and you and our petty arguing and feuds that have spanned the 4½ years that we were doing MOONLIGHTING." Maddie--"Here, here, hey that is not true we were only feuding 4 years." CHEERS !!!!! (Hey, wrong show title)
  • By Sakura_Star1: David--"Let's make a toast to our show, friends, all the clients who have passed here, and to my special blonde girl, Maddie." Maddie (thinking)--"Sometimes David is great to talk and is very romantic to talk about me."
  • By Barb: David--"Here's to drinking on the job! What a great way to start the day!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"Maddie, here's a toast on Tazmania's newborn daughter Joëlle!" Maddie thinking: "Mmmm, you could be the dad of my children!"
  • By Leanne: David--"I toast the 1,000th use of camera filters. And to think, tomarrow we start shooting episode 2."
NEW!! For May 2005
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: Maddie--"Oh. I thought you said Sir Valence, and we were going to meet a member of royalty. This rather sucks, you know."
  • By Pat: Maddie--"Are you sure this is the right house? It looks so well-off and nicely decorated." David--"Yeah, right. Why don't you ask Martha Stewart's probation officer that question."
  • By Lori M: Maddie--"You can forget it right now, buster. I am not about to show you that I really am wearing all black...even my undies. You are just going to have to take my word for it. "
  • By Martin: Maddie--"Oh no! I have to go back. I left my black bag in the car. Everyone knows you can't carry a brown handbag when you are wearing black."
  • By Lee: Maddie--"David, I don't see any casting agents. Are you sure this is where the auditions are for Bruckheimer's new cat burglar series?"
  • By Gena H: David--"I know times are tough at the ol Blue Moon, but do you really think robbing a house is the way to go?"
  • By Russ B: Maddie--"David! Look over there. There is a big, mean guard dog." David--"Look at the size of that thing! That's no dog. That's a space station!"
  • By Barb: David--"Look, Maddie! It's a nudist colony! Guess we need to take off all our clothes to blend in." Maddie--"You planned this, didn't you?"
  • By Stephanie: Maddie--"David, do you really think we won't get busted with all those camera's around us?"
  • By Curt: David--"As soon as we sneak into this house, you go check the kitchen cabinets for clues; I got dibs on the lingerie drawer."
2005 Captions by Fans
For April 2005
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David/Bruce--"Good golly! I love this! You lying there with your legs up in the air wrapped around my waist. Soon as this scene's over, I gotta remember to pay Glenn the fifty bucks I promised him for writing this."
  • By Lori M: David--"I sure love my job!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"I know it has been a long time for you but to do this right I really have to turn around!"
  • By Pat W: David--"Admit it Maddie. You really are head over heels about me, aren't you?"
  • By Christy: David--"If I had to guess, I'd say one of us is enjoying this more than the other!"
  • By Mary K: David--"You may not be graceful, but I sure love your technique."
  • By Russ B: David--"Hey lady if you think this makes up for last night, well you're wrong--Too little! Too late!"
  • By Leigh R: David--"How about that, Maddie? The judges gave us a 9.9 for that back flip."
  • By Barb: David--"They damn sure better give me a funny line here. I have waited long enough to get her flat on her back, but this is somebody's idea of a joke!"
  • By Martin: David--"You wanna be on top next time?"
  • By Larry: David--"Please Maddie, give me a second chance. I know I can get this right."
  • By Wanda W: David--"From this angle, it looks like we've both fallen for other."
  • By Sandy: David--"Maddie, are you sure you saw this in the Kama Sutra?"
  • By Gena H: David--"I dropped some change, right under there..."
For March 2005
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  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"What's the matter, Maddie? Undies too tight?"
  • By Lori M: David--"No, I don't think you have b.o. but your dancing does kinda stink!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"Maddie, Maddie Maddie, I told you NOT to use hairspray as a deodorant!"
  • By Pat W: David--"Hey, Maddie. The phone's for you. It's Charo and she wants her 'Cuchi Cuchi' back."
  • By Christy: David--"Not bad. But I think it might look even better if you tried it with your clothes off."
  • By Mary K: David--"Oops. Sorry about that ice cube I dropped down the back of your dress."
  • By Russ B: David--"Lookin' Good! Are you up for a little dirty dancing?"
  • By Leigh R: David--"Damn! You really do have rhythm! Maybe I will let you dance in my next music video."
  • By Barb: David--"Let me guess. You were a go-go dancer in a past life."
  • By Martin: David--"I knew all that hot sex we've been having would finally rub off on you and you would let your hair down and boogie. I just never knew it would be in front of our new clients."
  • By Larry: David--"A mating dance really isn't necessary Maddie. I'll loan you my services free of charge."
  • By Wanda W: David--"Ok, I can dig it. Sex while standing up. Hold on, I'll join ya!"
  • By Gena H: Maddie--"Maybe if I pose like this my 80s shoulder pads won't look quite so big."
For February 2005
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Thanks to Tazmania for capturing the photo.

  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just L.A. smog!"
  • By Pat W: David--"So Maddie, are things finally looking up?"
  • By Lee: David--"UCKK! That looks like airplane waste headed this way, compliments of United Airlines."
  • By Tazmania: Maddie--"David, the 18th is my birthday, I would like you to buy me one of those little jets!" David--"You girls! Always ...want, want, want! Sure you don't want a Boeing?"
  • By Sandy: Bruce--"Cybill, I'd like you to meet Shaquille O'Neal."
  • By Barb: David--"Oh, no! Let's run for our's your cousin Annie flying in on her broom!"
  • By Gena H: Maddie--"David, I've had it up to here with you!"
  • By Larry L: David (thinks)--"That's right keep looking up there...then I can look down your blouse and you will never notice."
  • By Lori M: David--"You'd think with all our deductive reasoning, one of us would have thought to bring sunglasses!"
  • By DFantum: Maddie--"Tis the sun, not the moon that shines so bright." David--"Um, that's a different episode, ya know."
For January 2005
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Thanks to Tazmania for capturing the photo.

  • By Cindy K., Webmaster: David--"My girdle is killing me!"
  • By Sandy: Cybill, thinking to herself in shock--"THIS is the body double/stand-in they chose for me?! Are they nuts?!"
  • By Sandy: David--"Psssst, hey baby, how about this time I get to play the girl?"
  • By Lee: David (singing)--"I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!"
  • By Pat W: David--"Hey, I thought I told you it was MY turn to wear the black dress!"
  • By Tazmania: David--"I feel kinda sexy....Wanna go to your house for a cross-dressing party?"
  • By Barb: David--"Boy, this is the LAST time I have one of those queer eye for straight guy makeovers!"
  • By Gena H: David--"Uh, costuming department, I'd like to have a word with you."
  • By Larry L: David--"Hey now, this is NOT funny! I think it is time we fired a writer!"
  • By Steven B: David--"I thought Shakespeare was never for us - get us out of these costumes!"
  • By Lori M: David--"I'll show you my undies, if you'll show me yours!"
  • By Cece: David--"Hey Maddie, can you give me a hand? My pantyhose are headed south!"

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