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The Fans from who did the fan commentary for "The Straight Poop" Moonlighting Season 3 DVD's

The fans recording commentary for Season 3 DVDs September 16, 2005
At the sound studio minutes after the DVD commentary for The Straight Poop

Cindy Klauss: "This story starts back on the 23rd day of March 2005 when I received an email..."

Diane Hopkins: " absolutely lucky and grateful I feel to have gotten to enjoy this ride."

Hazel Hart: "I swear I don't think there was a second of dead air, we all had so much to say..."

Vicki Briasco: "...I could see them through the glass in the control room laughing at our comments."

Rona Barrett in The Straight Poop
Rona Barrett in "The Straight Poop"

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