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The Fans from who did the fan commentary for
"The Straight Poop" on the Moonlighting Season 3 DVD's

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Cindy Klauss, Panama City Beach, FL

Family Status: Divorced with two grown children and two small granddaughters

Current Occupation: Co-owner and CFO of Web Design Firm

In 1986/87: Lived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida & worked as an Administrative Assistant at a Golf & Beach Resort

Favorite Episode from Season 3: "To Heiress Human" which is also my very favorite ML episode ever.

Part I: Cindy's Story--"How this came to be"

This story starts back on the 23rd day of March 2005 when I received an email addressed to It was a short three line email that said:


I am doing a project on Moonlighting and I was wondering where you got the pictures? I know you have a lot of them so specifically - the ones of Glenn Caron in his younger days??

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!



Little did I know that this simple email was the start of a something that in eight months would lead to recording commentary for the season 3 DVD's!

For those who may not know, Corinna is Corinna Chaney from The DVD Group, the producers of the Moonlighting DVD sets. When she first wrote me, they were looking for photos/graphics for the Season 1 & 2 sets. Over a series of email correspondences and telephone calls, we became good friends.

When it came time to begin a plan for the Season 3 DVD's, back in May of 2005, David Naylor of The DVD Group, the Exec. Producer of the DVD's asked for my feedback on what extras I thought the fans would like. I wrote back an extensive two page email but at the top of the list was this:

The most exciting thing that could happen on the DVD features would be Bruce & Cybill together in the same room doing commentary or reminiscing about Moonlighting....if you could swing this, the fans would gobble these up like hot cakes and talk about it endlessly. And you would become MY PERSONAL HERO!

A few months later, it was Corinna who approached me about the idea to do a fan commentary (she said they had used it in the past on TV show sets) and I was told it would occur on the episode "The Straight Poop." Looking back over it, that was probably the perfect episode for a fan commentary as who better than fans to tell about the agonies and tabloid tales they endured during the "No New Episodes" frenzy of Moonlighting. Hats off to The DVD Group for wanting to include people who were real Moonlighting fans of the series at the time it was on the air. I thought it was particularly a nice gesture to include the fans that had developed the Moonlighting DVD campaign. It meant a lot to us to be asked; I just wish Lizzie could have been there too since she was the fifth member of the Moonlighting DVD Campaign committee.

Interestingly enough, I was one of the ones who had to be talked into it somewhat. At first, I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to be taped/filmed as I rather freak out about public speaking. Anyone who knows me personally probably laughs about that since I am quite a "talker" and speak very, very fast when excited about something...oh hell, I speak really fast period. However, in front of people I don't know, I am very uncomfortable and shy about talking. This was going to be in front of thousands, possibly millions of people, who although unseen, I knew would be hearing this. I believe it was Diane who convinced me that if I passed on this fabulous opportunity then I would have regrets later, and so I agreed.

We actually prepared for the commentary by watching the episode several times, making notes, and even doing a bit of research on specific aspects we wanted to talk about. When the tape was rolling and things moved along so quickly, a lot of that outside research material got scrapped as we tried to keep up with the fast pace of the episode.

We journeyed to California in mid-September, and this commentary was recorded on Friday, September 16, 2005. As I understand it, four days later on the 20th, Curtis and Allyce recorded their interview and a short time after that, Cybill, Bruce and Glenn recorded their commentary together. It was around the first week or so in November before the last commentary was recorded with Glenn and Mark Harmon.

Anyway, now that it is all said and done, I am incredibly proud of this commentary. It was a lot of fun, and I think that shows in what you hear.

P.S. David and Corinna, nice job on getting Shepherd & Willis in the same room for commentary. You two are MY PERSONAL HEROES!

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