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The Fans from who did the fan commentary for
"The Straight Poop" on the Moonlighting Season 3 DVD's

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Hazel Hart, Los Angeles, CA

Family Status: Married with two toddlers

Current Occupation: Writer

In 1986/87: Was living in Vineland, NJ and was a sophomore in high school

Favorite Episode from Season 3: "Sam & Dave" (man, is this a tough call!!!)

Part III: Hazel's Story

As a fan of the show, you can imagine how cool it was to be asked to do a DVD commentary track for an episode of Moonlighting. Now imagine that you get to comment on not just one episode, but great moments from many episodes-very, very cool! When Cindy and Diane contacted me about this, I of course was honored, and immediately agreed. As I re-watched our episode, "The Straight Poop", I was struck by how lucky we were not just to be doing this, but to get this particular episode-just about every major moment in Moonlighting history (to date) was captured in this one show. And yeah, you could call it a clip show, but it was designed to directly address the fans at a turbulent time in the show's off-screen history. So much to say, but where to begin? And would I be able to say it all in the recording session? More importantly, would my infant son allow me enough sleep to remain even slightly lucid throughout? (n.b. - The answer is no.)

Well, the big day came, and the irrepressible ladies of the Moonlighting DVD Campaign converged upon a little recording studio in Hollywood. I met Cindy in person for the first time, and reunited with Diane and Vicki, and it was immediately a goofball gab-fest before we even got into the episode. As they checked our mic levels, we were yammering on and on and cracking wise like we did this all the time. We all seemed very loose and rarin' to go, and when they started the episode, it was like being shot out of a cannon and on to your living room couch at home, kicking back with your buddies to watch your favorite show.

I swear I don't think there was a second of dead air, we all had so much to say. We ran the gamut of insightful information, silly fangirl screeches, corny jokes, wild speculation, a few teensy-weensy gaffes (oops!), rowdy laughter and the ever-present feeling of excitement at getting to share our thoughts with Moonlighting fans everywhere. One moment that sticks out in my mind is when in the episode, Rona Barrett asks if she could get David and Maddie in a room together, and I said something to the effect of "If you could get these two in a room together, you'd have some great DVD commentary!" Funnier in retrospect is that lo and behold, several months later we learned that Bruce and Cybill would indeed be doing commentary for an episode! Whee!

When the end credits rolled, I think we were all surprised at how fast it had gone by. Corinna came in and was very happy with it, and so it was that we nailed it on the first take! I was pleased, because although I knew it wasn't perfect, another try would have taken away some of the spontaneity and natural excitement of the first go-'round. What you will hear on our humble commentary track (should you choose to listen) is the spur-of-the-moment, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants musings of totally non-pro, but utterly adoring fans who were having a hell of a good time. I hope you enjoy watching it with us as much as we enjoyed it together. Thanks again, Cindy, Diane, Vicki and everyone else who made this possible-- it was a trip!

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