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The Fans from who did the fan commentary for
"The Straight Poop" on the Moonlighting Season 3 DVD's

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Vicki Briasco, Northridge, CA

Family Status: Married, 2 kids (daughter age 19, son age 16) and a fat, lazy cat

Current Occupation: Bookkeeper

In 1986/87: We were moving from a one room studio that we had lived in for 6 years into our present home here in Northridge. What a step up!! 6 years of sacrifice and saving every penny to buy our first home. I was working as a director of television facilities for a company that broadcast television and radio via satellite. I was also pregnant with my first child.

Favorite Episode from Season 3: "The Son Also Rises"

Part IV: Vicki's Story

The message came out of the blue via e-mail: Would I be interested in doing fan commentary for an episode of Moonlighting for the season 3 DVD release? W-w-w-would I? Do you even have to ask??

I was a fan of the series during it's first run on television in the 1980's but had become absolutely captivated by it all over again when Bravo bought the syndication rights and began to re-air it in 2000. From there I discovered a Moonlighting discussion group on the internet and spent many happy hours (when I should have been doing other things) dissecting each episode, doing character analysis, and debating the highs and lows of the series with fans from all over the world.

It was there that I met some like-minded fans who strongly felt that the world was being deprived of this cleverly crafted little gem because it was not available to the public on DVD. Month after month we would watch in wonder as lesser quality television series would be churned out in record time on high quality DVD disks yet Moonlighting continued to languish on a shelf, tied up in the red tape of disttibution rights and astronomical music clearance costs. Our only recourse was to organize. Five of us came together to create The Moonlighting DVD Campaign. Our motto: "We're not asking for the moon...just Moonlighting DVD's."

After nearly three years of disappointments and wild goose chases (the rights changed hands twice during this period), our dreams came true in June 2005 with the release of seasons 1 and 2. It was after this successful release that Cindy, received a request from The DVD Group inviting the members of the DVD campaign to do voice-over commentary on the episode, "The Straight Poop."

My first reaction to this (after pinching myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming) was, "What a strange episode choice". It's sort of a retrospective episode looking back on scenes from the beginning of the series up to the current point in season 3. But I soon began to see the brilliance of choosing this episode for fan commentary. True fans would be familiar with each and every clip shown, what episode it was from, why it was important, and what its significance would be to the arc of the story. Of course!...It was an amazing choice!

Our instructions were: do your homework and come prepared! I was also told to try and get there as close to 7:30am as possible. While I knew that this would be near impossible knowing my morning schedule (shuttling kids to school, etc.) I promised to do my best in getting there within 30 minutes of the appointed time. Well, little did I know that very same day Johnny Depp would be immortalizing his handprints in cement at Graumann's Chinese Theater. The traffic on the freeway, while always horrendous, was nothing compared to the jammed streets around Hollywood Blvd. Naturally, I had to get past this mess in order to get to the recording studio. All I can say is, thank God for cell phones. Everyone else had arrived on time and was waiting patiently for me to show up. Talk about feeling 2 feet tall when I finally did arrive.

Once I got there, no time was wasted in getting started. Four of us, myself, Hazel Hart, Diane Hopkins, and Cindy Klauss were seated in a room the size of a broom closet and were equipped with headphones and a monitor. Our most important instruction was: "try not to have any dead air". pressure...I'm not nervous NOW! But once the tape began to roll, and we started talking it was like four friends getting together to laugh and talk about their favorite subject. It was a blast and I knew that the producers were pleased with our performance because I could see them through the glass in the control room laughing at our comments.

It seemed no sooner had we gotten started then it was over so quickly. We didn't want the party atmosphere to end so we walked to an outdoor patio and bought drinks and laughed and chatted. It was so much fun and such an honor to represent all the fans who've exchanged their thoughts, opinions, and theories with us over the past five years. Thanks to all of you out there and thanks to Cindy, Diane, and Hazel and lastly, thanks Lion's Gate and The DVD Group for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I'll never forget it!

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